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Jesse Rutherford Surprises Fans With Solo Project '&ONE'

By Sabrina Amoriello

After The Neighbourhood announced their hiatus in late 2022, fans hearts dropped at the thought of not hearing new music from the polished musicians. However after a year of impatiently waiting, Jesse Rutherford has gone back to his solo endeavors with support from Atlantic Records and Secondhand Rodeo to produce '&ONE,' an eccentric take on electronic and rap beats infused with hints of indie rock elements from the artists roots in The Neighbourhood. Jesse Rutherford ventured onto social media livestreams this past Thursday to promote the album with a listening party an hour before the release officially dropped on all streaming platforms. Between Jesse's energy and the feel-good ambiance of the music, fans immediately fell in love with the new release, and so did we!

Jesse Rutherford is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and former actor from the West Coast. He became popularized for his work as the lead vocalist in the alternative rock band The Neighbourhood where Rutherford wrote the number-one Billboard Alternative Songs hit "Sweater Weather" which was certified nine-times platinum in 2022. Jesse Rutherford has been active in the entertainment industry since he was a child, initially taking up acting gigs and performing in local bands. In early 2016, Jesse Rutherford released his 144-page book, "&," featuring pictures of himself wearing his entire wardrobe and exploring gender fluidity. In 2017, Jesse Rutherford released his debut solo mixtape also entitled "&," a hip-hop, R&B stylized album with no features. The release vastly differed from his typical style heard within The Neighbourhood but redefined his polished musicianship and love of the art. In 2019, Jesse released his second solo album, "GARAGEB&," which was almost entirely written on the Garage Band mobile app. In March of this year, Rutherford signed to Atlantic Records to revive his solo career. Under this new signature, Rutherford has released "Joker," "Rainbow," "Play," and most recently, "&ONE." Jesse talks about his return sincerely, "it feels like I moved away from home and got a new phone number. This is my message letting you know I'm back in town and trying to get together."

- Jesse Rutherford

"&ONE" is an exploration of Jesse Rutherford rediscovering his passion for music. In recent interviews, the artist has spoken up about needing to step away from touring and producing to focus on the importance of life, hence the hiatus of the world-wide sensation The Neighbourhood. However, with his most recent return, Jesse discusses finding a release and thus peace within the stories he writes into his songs. "&ONE" is unlike any other of Jesse Rutherford's previous releases. Although the genre continues to infuse elements of hip-hop and R&B, Rutherford also incorporates EDM and hyper-pop components into the instrumentals, ultimately making every song one you can dance along to. On this note, Rutherford is one of the most unpredictable artists musically. Rutherford's music is individualized and all around unique, even so, Jesse is constantly experimenting with new ideas, allowing his individuality to always shine through. During the listening party Rutherford hosted through social media platforms, the songwriter honed in on the themes of this album portraying his state of mind, which is more focused on his happiness and self-love. This being said, the lyrics differ from the dark, somewhat melancholy beginnings of The Neighbourhood, instead picking apart the content Jesse Rutherford has found in life through his music. Overall this album is an ideal soundtrack to end the summer with and we hope Jesse Rutherford will deliver a live rendition of the 11 songs to stages in the near future!

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