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Jesse McCartney sales out The Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis Indiana.

Jesse McCartney announced his new EP “Alls Well” on April 5th 2024. This album included 5 new tracks such as “Make a Baby” featuring Young Gravy. Jesse kick started his Alls Well tour saleing  out venues across the U.S. One venue Jesse sold out was the Vogue theatre in Indianapolis Indiana. He played this show on 5/2/2024. Jesse’s high energy during his performance had the crowd on their toes! Jesse performed nostalgic hits such as Leavin, Shake, Right Where You Want Me, and to end the night left fans on their toes with an unforgettable encore! 

Fans lined the sidewalk outside of the Voygue theater waiting for the doors to open. Venue Security, and members of Jesses team lurked outside of the venue near Will Call to pass out VIP passes and ensure safety of others. 

As fans filled the venue and became settled in a spot of their choosing for this general admission show we all eagerly waited for Jesse’s openers Just Seconds Apart to take stage! 

As soon as Just Seconds Apart a band on triplets fro Arizona who accompanied Jesse on the Alls Well tour warmed up the crowd for Jesse, and their performance ended venue staff walked graciously between the stage and barricade to pass out courtesy shots! As I have personally been to many Jesse McCartney shows, and other shows at this location I have never seen this done. This leads me to wonder if these shots were courtesy of Jesse McCartney and his team.

Shortly after shots were passed out the lights dimmed and fans roared as Jesse took the stage! Jesse started off his performance singing his new song Silverspoon followed by She’s No You, leading into Faux Fur, and shortly energizing the crowd with Right Where You Want Me. Jesse opened with a mix of new and older hits!

Three songs later into the show Jesse sat for an acoustic performance accompanied by his guitarist who engaged in singing backup for Jesse. During the acoustic bit the mic which sat in front of Jesse’s guitarist began to slowly lower itself. Jesse kindly reached over and in helping hold it up while the guitar was being strummed and Jesse continued to sing all while looking over to the left of stage signaling for assistance. Jesse performed Because You Live, Why Don’t You Kiss Her, It’s Over, and More Than Words. Then to speed things up Jesse sang Wasted and from his New Stage album his song Lemonade.

It became time! Fans began going crazy, holding up signs and cheering to Jesse all in hopes to live out a childhood dream and be selected by Jesse to accompany him on stage while he performed his song Party For Two! 

One quick change and song later Jesse sat down to play piano, talk to his fans and then began to play the song that he has in the past identified as one of the biggest songs he has ever written, a song he never recorded on his own, but wrote at the age of 21 years old Bleeding Love. Most fans do not know Jesse wrote and sold this song to X-factor winner Leona Lewis. 

Jesse ended the show performing his song Better With You, or so fans thought. Jesse exited the stage leaving fans cheering for more. Jesse had yet to perform the song fans have loved and adored for 20 years since it has been introduced to the world. Can you guess which song Jesse left fans on the edge of their seat for? If you guessed his 2004 hit Beautiful Soul, you guessed correctly! Jesse returned to the stage giving fans the moment they been waiting for.

After the show Jesse hosted meet and greets with VIP holders. As the venue cleared out a handful of fans waited behind patiently to meet Jesse and get a photo taken with him.  Fun fact if you are a fan attending a Jesse McCartney show and did not get the opportunity to purchase a meet and greet pass prior to the event, a limited amount of meet and greet passes are usually sold at Jesse’s merch table. 

If you did not get a chance to attend a Jesse McCartney show this tour, or maybe you did attend his show and did not purchase the one item you wish that you would have purchased you can access the online store by visiting:

Although Jesse’s tour has officially ended, If you wish to experience the energy and hype of a Jesse McCartney show you might have one more chance! Jesse will be performing in Henderson, Nevada at M Resort Spa Casino on July, 6th 2024. Tickets are on sale now at

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