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Jeremy Zucker Serenades Manhattan's Terminal 5 in Honor of his Latest Release 'is nothing sacred?'

Terminal 5 surely views Jeremy Zucker as sacred in the New York music scene! Jeremy Zucker’s jam-packed ‘Is Nothing Sacred?’ tour lineup serenaded Manhattan earlier this month in celebration of Zucker’s latest EP, is nothing sacred? With four personable, engaging performances, Zucker’s “hometown show” was truly memorable for all in attendance. The crowd fell in love with Jeremy Zucker all over again and were reminded of their adoration for new release ‘is nothing sacred.’

First to greet the crowd was New York City native, singer-songwriter Kevin Atwater. The up and coming indie artist has connected with fans brilliantly since 2022, and his engagement with a live audience makes you feel at home in any concert hall. Kevin Atwater is all around one to keep an eye on, having attracted a loyal fanbase in such little time, listeners even came to Terminal 5 wearing shirts in honor of Atwater. The artist has been heavily involved with music since early on being trained in both piano and clarinet as well as being self-taught on guitar, however, his self-taught status shouldn’t fool you, Atwater magnificently plays song after song effortlessly on both acoustic and electric guitar throughout his setlist. Fans respect the uniquely honest songwriting of Atwater which challenges ideas of traditional masculinity, exposing his queer sexuality with no hesitation or shame. All in all, Atwater has created a welcoming, accepting community through his music, one which allows him to freely speak with fans, as if they’re simply friends of his in a room together. Kevin Atwater kicked off the ‘is nothing sacred?’ tour series in Manhattan with a charismatic, inviting performance that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Next to entertain Manhattan’s Terminal 5 was New Jersey artist, Sam MacPherson, who’s music transports listeners back to soulful classics reminiscent of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Bruce Springsteen. Sam MacPherson is an all-around polished musician, having grown up surrounded by musicians with a lyricist as a father and being a multi-instrumentalist himself. Inspired by Frank Ocean, Sam MacPherson quickly expanded to assimilating the art of guitar, song production, recording and mastering, and song-writing in which he utilized these tools to self-produce and record most of his discography. In 2022, Sam MacPherson signed to Elektra Records in joint venture with Group Projects where he has released three singles, “Backseat (All I Got)” , “Play Dumb” , and “Safe To Say” , as well as his latest 8-track production entitled “Powerlines.” Sam MacPherson’s stylistic approach has pulled at the heart-strings of listeners worldwide, fans can relate to the artist’s poetic depiction of tense goodbyes and romantic yet fallible relationships. MacPherson’s dedication and determination in the music industry has molded him into an accomplished musician who continues to evolve with every frequent release produced.

After two somewhat melancholy performances, Los Angeles-based Tiffany Day pounced on stage prepared to reinvigorate the crowd with her unwavering enthusiasm and authentic spunk! All in all, Zucker’s team brilliantly arranged the lineup of openers, Day was a fantastic choice to pump up the crowd right before Zucker’s setlist. The young, rising female singer-songwriter surfaced in the music industry through a self-titled Youtube channel in late 2016, becoming famed for her videos covering other artists. The channel has now amassed almost a million subscribers, making Day not only a musician, but also an internet celebrity. Tiffany Day’s online persona has most definitely contributed to the loyal fanbase the artist has attracted, her infectious personality has connected with millions around the world who idolize and support all of her creative endeavors. Tiffany Day’s music progresses electronic-influenced pop subgenres overall producing a groovy, lighthearted sound that can make an entire venue inclined to dance along. Tiffany Day’s feelgood productions completely embody the artist’s image, Day remains high-spirited her entire performance, incorporating choreography into her setlist as well as connecting with the audience in between every bridge, chorus, and verse. Tiffany Day encompasses a stage brilliantly, she’ll have your eyes glued to the performance song after song and her personable aura makes a crowd fall in love immediately. She is truly one to watch!

Performing his largest headlining show in Manhattan to date, Jeremy Zucker greeted Terminal 5 with both hands waving and a gleaming smile, his guitar hanging loosely around his neck, enticing the crowd even further. The screams drowned out every other possible sound in the venue, the anticipation had become uncontainable throughout the three openers and Zucker made sure the wait was well worth the fans' patience.

Originally from Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Jeremy Zucker grew up surrounded by music his entire life, nestling conveniently in New York City’s backyard. Despite being from New Jersey, Zucker mentioned his love for Manhattan had always made the city feel like his hometown instead. While still in high school, Zucker produced tracks from his bedroom and joined a local band shortly after. Although music has always been a part of Zucker’s life, the singer graduated Colorado College with a molecular biology degree. In September of 2018, Zucker released his famed EP Summer containing hit single “Comethru,” a song responding to graduating college and moving back home. “Comethru” alongside other tracks off Summer put Zucker on the map as a musician, he quickly received recognition in the industry and soon after collaborated with singer Chesea Cutler for the viral song “You Were Good to Me.” Known for countless viral hits, Jeremy Zucker landed in the top half of the Billboard 2000 with his full-length debut in 2020, Love Is Not Dying. Among his primary influences, Jeremy Zucker counts Jon Bellion and Bon Iver as inspiration. The singer’s introspective indie electronica music infuses elements of hip-hop to make a sound utterly individual to the performer and truly alluring to listeners of all genres. Zucker continues to receive massive streaming success with his 2023 hits “internet crush” followed with “OK” and most recently, is nothing sacred?

Jeremy Zucker’s much anticipated fifth EP, is nothing sacred?, released to the public in June of 2023 through a collaborative effort between Mercury and Republic Records. Zucker’s latest 5 track studio project includes latest hit singles “cindy” alongside “OK” and “internet crush” as well as never heard before tracks such as “i need you (in my life)” and “a dying world…” Zucker touched on the arrival of is nothing sacred? “[it’s] a shout into the void. A question born of frustration, and a call to action.” Zucker’s latest release moves away from the somewhat sorrowful undertones of his first tracks, honing in on “what makes it so special to be a human in this world: caring about people. Being selfless, loyal. Appreciating what’s in front of you.” Zucker builds upon his newfound appreciation throughout his 2023 North American tour dubbed “is nothing sacred? The Tour,” which concludes this week in Santa Ana, California. Jeremy Zucker is constantly taking our breath away with his relatable yet poetic tracks, the singer has evolved tremendously with "is nothing sacred?”, “part of me had to break down the walls around my psyche I had instinctively built up over the years–walls I built to protect myself. In doing so, these five songs came together. I hope you enjoy.”

A little less than halfway through the tour series, Jeremy Zucker made his typical stop in Manhattan to perform his “hometown show.” Despite the artist actually being from New Jersey, even Zucker agrees there is something incomparably special about every show he performs in Manhattan, Terminal 5 surely went beyond his expectations. The stage was set up to transport the audience into a field, as if we were all sitting around Zucker at a picnic as he strums along to new songs he wrote in a worn notebook. The performance was intimate and personal, making everyone feel connected and apart of a close-knit community. The event was undeniably meaningful to all, Zucker even brought along his immediate family to watch him perform for the first time ever in front of a live audience! At one point in the set, Zucker even brought his mom out on stage to sing one of his songs alongside him. It was the only point in the set where the crowd went silent to let Zucker’s mother have her moment to shine in the nearly sold-out concert hall, otherwise everyone was singing along to every single lyric. Jeremy Zucker’s music naturally has that effect on listeners. The instrumentals are simplistic yet transforming, paired skillfully with catchy yet engaging, emotionally-driven lyrics listeners can find solace in and learn by heart. When put on a stage, Jeremy Zucker’s music only becomes further enhanced with the sound of hundreds singing along to it. The artist is all around a spectacular performer who puts on an excellent show city after city, it is one we highly recommend attending, if not to sing along to, than at least to be serenaded by.

Although “is nothing sacred? The Tour” is rounding up in its final cities across the United States, we can anticipate Jeremy Zucker will expand the tour to reach some cities overseas and, in the meantime, we can surely expect a full length album from Zucker in the near future! Keep up with all the artists below and be the first to know of updates!






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