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Jazmin Bean Takes North America by Storm with The Terrified Tour

Jazmin Bean, a talented singer from London, took North America by storm with their tour around the country for their new single “Terrified”. Having an array of sensational opening acts such as Lucy Loone and Cotton Tail join them on the journey is sure to make sure the audience has an excellent time throughout the entire tour.

The night began at the iconic House of Blues in Dallas, Texas, where Lucy Loone took to the stage to perform. Lucy made her debut with the release of "Cookies" in January 2019 and enthralled audiences on YouTube and Soundcloud with an eclectic mix of lively and fun melodies. The 6th song on the setlist "MilkMan" struck a chord with the audience, as it touched upon the subject of addiction with the lyrics “I feel so stuck waiting on the milkman to come.” The song starts with the idea that the Milkman is needed, and how they feel no regrets of “letting him in”, but by the end of the song they tell the listener to not let him, to not even call on him in a warning that you too can succumb to addiction. Lucy concluded the night with the 8th song "Concession Confessions" of her new album “Eat it Up.

After a short break, the crowd goes ecstatic as Jazmin Bean’s Band made up of Dummer Connor Burnside, and Guitarist Ben Simon take the stage and begin the set with instrumental shortly before Jazmin Bean comes out and goes straight into “Worldwide Tour.” The whole band was perfectly in sync not only when it came to their songs but also their correlated outfits, everyone in the band wore either a form of a baby pink skirt or dress matching not only each other but also the genre of music perfectly.  They then take the audience by storm playing a mix of old fan favorites. Jazmin kicked off their career in 2018, with their single “The Way I Feel”, and  just a year after they released the album “Worldwide Torture” with two of their hit songs “Hello Kitty”, and “Saccharine.” Jazmin Bean had an amazing stage presence as they made sure to interact with the audience, and even though there was a spotlight on Jazmin almost at all times, the production made sure the audience had a soft lead on them so the band could actively see and interact with the first row of the pit. 

Just as the audience thought it was over, Jazmin Bean came back out with Lucy Loone and played the song “Carnage” before bringing out the secret guest Cotton Tail for the last song “Princess Castel.” Throughout the whole show, Jazmin Bean made sure to keep the audience enthralled with not only their songs and dancing but also their expressive facial features along with their speeches between songs. Even at the end they took time to sign a setlist, and meet fans after the show at their tour bus. 




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