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Jason Becker And Friends, Like Nita Strauss Share "Some Assembly Required" Video

jason becker and friends


Some Assembly Required" is a collaborative project conceptualized by Josh Villalta and Nita Strauss, combining some of the top guitarists in the world to do something extraordinary in tribute to this once-in-a-lifetime musician — Jason Becker.

A group of renowned guitarists, including Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Chris Broderick, Phil Demmel, Jennifer Batten, and others, collaborated on an unreleased demo by Becker's Strauss. The project, called "Some Assembly Required," is a tribute to Jason Becker, who is suffering from a degenerative disease. The song was originally intended for Strauss' album but evolved into a bigger project to raise awareness and funds for Becker's cause.

The guitarists who participated in the project played solos on the track, with Billy Sheehan contributing on bass. The original demo solo by Jason Becker was left intact, and the finished product was sent to him as a Christmas present. He loved it and gave it the name "Some Assembly Required."

Watch "Some Assembly Required" video here.

For an insider's look at how Becker's guitar family came together for this harrowing tribute, allow Strauss to explain in this exclusive short!

Jason Becker's musical journey began in 1985 when he formed the duo Cacophony with fellow guitarist Marty Thenespite being just 16 years old at the time, Becker's prodigious talent on the guitar quickly garnered attention within the metal community. He went on to support big names in rock, such as David Lee Roth, and create some of the most impressive guitar moments in the genre as a solo artist. Unfortunately, in 1989, at the young age of 20, Becker was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral Selerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

As the disease progressed, his physical abilities deteriorated, and he could no longer hold on to his beloved instrument. Despite this, his passion for music remained undiminished, and he developed an innovative method of writing music using "eyethoroughlyetry" and chin movements. This technique was fully explored in the documentary on his life, which is a testament to his incredible dedication and determination in the face of adversity.

Head here to be fully inspired by the trailer for the film, Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet, a compilation of interviews, live footage, and more on the unbreakable spirit and the igneous songwriting ability of the guitarist that influenced so many.

The outpouring of support from the guitar community towards Jason Becker and his family is truly heartwarming. It's heartening to see people come together to help someone in need. Jason's battle with ALS has made it challenging for his family to find a full-time caregiver, and the stress and worry of paying for the many out-of-pocket medical fees are taking a toll on them. As allies, it's essential for us to support Jason and his family. We can do this by spreading awareness of his condition and contributing in whatever way we can to help alleviate the burden they are facing.

Keeping positive and consistently creating is essential for Becker, so we invite you to keep up with his latest creations through his website,, and to visit here if you are able to donate to the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust.

A full list of guitarists and friends included in the creation of "Some Assembly Required":Chris Broderick, Joe Bonamassa, Gus G, Paul Gilbert, Angel Vivaldi, Steve Vai, Steve Stevens, Rob Scallon, Jennifer Batten, Nili Brosh, Richie Kotzen, Marc Rizzo, Lari Basilio, Zakk Wylde, Alex Skolnick, Phil Demmel, NITA STRAUSS, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Herman Li, Steve Lukather, Jared Dines. 

Drums were recorded by Josh Villalta; Bass by Billy Sheehan; Mixed + Mastered by Nick Sampson.

NITA STRAUSS ONLINE: Facebook | Instagram | X | Website | Spotify

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