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It's Time To Stop and Listen To Rendezvous Point's New Single; "Don't Look Up"

On March 14, 2024, after 5 years, Rendezvous Point released their newest single "Don't Look Up." You will like this song if you enjoy progressive metal, especially musicians from different countries! The band as of right now consists of; Gerimund Hansen (Vocals), Baard Kolstad (Drums), Nicolay Tangen Svennaes (Keyboards), Petter Hallaraker (Guitar), Gunn-Hilde Erstad (Bass).

Rendezvous Point is all about hard-hitting, in-your-face music that blends punchy rhythms and soaring melodies with atmospheric undertones, capturing the listener's attention very easily! The musicians are all about pushing the boundaries of their artistry and are inviting everyone on this journey!

Listen and watch the new song here! Don't Look Up

Singer Geirmund Hansen comments on the track: "Regardless of all the warning signs around us, humankind continues to destroy earth’s resources. It feels like we don’t care about tomorrow as long as our decisions benefit today. 'Don‘t Look Up' is also a story about how our longing for personal glory can destroy our relations to others and the outside world."

And the band stated about the video; "The music video for 'Don’t Look Up' is a satirical take on the screen addiction in today’s society. One can also interpret the theme in a wider sense pointing out that we often have difficulties seeing the bigger picture when we focus only on what is right in front of us. What happens to our identity when an objective truth no longer exists? A big part of the video is shot on the location where Edvard Munch took the inspiration for his painting ‘The Scream’."

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