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Isabel LaRosa Blossomed at Bowery Ballroom

Isabel LaRosa

In the heart of the Lower East Side at the Bowery Ballroom stood a star in the making; Isabel LaRosa graced the stage in New York City, marking the first of many performances in the greatest city in the world.

The night kicked off at Bowery Ballroom in NYC, an intimate, grungy, and vintage music venue in the Lower East Side. The first opener, Thomas LaRosa, hit the stage at 9:00 PM, rocking an iconic fringe leather jacket. As he dashed onto the stage towards the microphone, the crowd roared. He performed one song before grabbing his guitar that sat upstage upstage. He sang a few of his songs like “Dangerous” as well as a cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”.

Thomas LaRosa

Around 9:45, the lights dimmed once again, and Isabel LaRosa made her entrance, commanding the stage in a motorcycle helmet. Thomas LaRosa joined her onstage to play guitar, forming an amazing sibling duo. Isabel LaRosa exuded an aura of grace and authenticity that immediately captured the audience's attention.

From the moment she stepped onto the stage, her star power emanated. With every lyric that left her lips, LaRosa showcased an unparalleled command of her craft. Her ethereal and emotive voice filled Bowery Ballroom with a sense of intimacy, drawing listeners closer with each note. She performed her hit songs such as “Without You” and “Eyes Don’t Lie” as well as a cover of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”. My personal favorite was her performance of her unreleased song “Favorite”. As she stood before the crowd, LaRosa's presence radiated warmth and authenticity, her infectious smile lighting up the room.

Larosa worked the crowd and stage at a level beyond her age. She possesses all the assets necessary to become a superstar: the voice, the performance value, the relatability and authenticity of her lyrics, the looks, and the “IT” factor.

Shortly after the LaRosa’s grand exit off stage, Ari Abdul entered, whose hometown performance continued the dark, ethereal, grungy theme of the night. Her stellar performance, paired with pulsating strobes, red lighting, and enough fog to fill the intimate venue, left the crowd in the palm of her hand. 

The night ended in a full circle: with Ari bringing Isabel back out to sing her hit song “Babydoll”. The moments with Ari, Isabel, and Thomas singing and jumping onstage and ultimately taking their final bow together were the perfect culmination of the night. 





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