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Is Between & You Me Hopeless? Aussie pop-punk band returns with 'Shit Yeah!' EP

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Three years ago at a concert, this chant was met with complete silence, but after releasing another amazing EP, it is safe to assume that fans will know how to respond to Between You and Me!

Coming off the exceptional Everything is Temporary, and the outstanding sophomore album Armageddon, Between You and Me took a real chance on finding the sound they felt made them happy.

The first single "Yeah!" was their worst single release in terms of first-week streams. The band had tried a new sound, but they were not deterred, asking fans to stick with them and hear them out, thus, with the 'Shit Yeah!' EP, they delivered.

The EP is a testament to Between You and Me’s unique vision. The album features a summertime pop-punk feel with "Kill My Vibe" (featuring Knuckle Puck) serving as a classic "who cares" pop-punk song with exceptional sound. "Nevermind" comes off as quintessential pop-punk with a bit of new-age pop-punk rap flow infused (or old for those Sum 41 fans).

The rest of the album is what truly makes this a defining EP for the young band. "Every Morning" is a very pop sound to start while hitting all the pop-punk notes with Between You and Me’s unique reverb vocals. "In The Middle" goes along the same lines, finding that pop-punk revival sound with the energy we expect from pop-punk shining in the second verse. If you were to take one thing away, Aussie Pop-Punk has brought synth-like reverb into the mainstream for the genre.

As mentioned the real unique sound comes from "Yeah!" A chilled laid-back song for the summer energy this album feeds off, but "Sad Songs" is the most diverse the band has ever gone. It mimics part of the indie sound from Armageddon while throwing a grunge tone in the mix, ultimately setting up what to expect from the band's next album. 

The real story is that this extraordinary sound does not come without the band taking a massive gamble on themselves and not being deterred by early shortcomings. Between You and Me decided to go independent and they should take a bow because, without it, we would not get such a refined sound from the band. 

And one thing is for sure. Between You and Me is not Hopeless.

Written by Milo Novitz


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