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Invent Animate Releases Brand New Single "Sleepless Deathbed"

Updated: Apr 24

Thursday, January 18, 2024 -Invent Animate kick off 2024 with "Sleepless Deathbed," a chilling piece of atmospheric metal core and the accompanying visualizer (via UNFD). Ahead of today's release, the band released the official music video for their new album's title track "Heavener".

"The song is about hallucinating a state of your own death and being stuck in that lifeless plane of constant and repeating discomfort. Where all your bad memories, big and small, are falling down on you in the form of rain and making you feel it all again, physically all at once. At a point, you start to think this might be death and that it might be like this forever. It weighs you down so much that your ground melts and you fall down through a static space through your own memories. The fall becomes the sleepless deathbed, where you’ve come to serve until the end of time. This is one of those songs that was written naturally, we knew we wanted something fast and heavy and we knew lyrics needed to represent physical panic.

-Invent Animate

Invent Animate unleashes one of their heaviest tracks yet, but the ambient background and melodic, catchy chorus will have this song stuck in your head for days on end. Invent Animate took what they do best and pushed it to its limits creating an early song of the year candidate 


Track Listing:

1. Absence Persistent

2. Shade Astray

3. Labyrinthine

4. Without A Whisper

5. False Meridian

6. Reverie

7. Immolation Of Night

8. Purity Weeps

9. Void Surfacing

10. Everglow

11. Elysium

With Beartooth, The Plot In You, and Sleep Theory also performing live at the show, Invent Animate fans in North America can now experience the band's spectacular live show. Be sure to get your tickets at the link here and watch this space for more Invent Animate news coming soon. Tickets are selling fast with many dates already sold out, so be sure to get yours now here.

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