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Invent, Animate headlines at The Loft in Atlanta!

On September 28th- Invent, Animate performed at The Loft in Atlanta GA on their "Heavener" tour traveling across North America with special guests: Aviana, Thrown, and Void of Vision

To start the night, Aviana knew exactly what to do and they had the crowd moshing and head banging within the first 15 seconds of the first song. After a minute or two of performing, Joel stated "CUT OFF THE LIGHTS! CUT THEM OFF! I WANT TO SEE EVERYONE IN THE CROWD!"

The "Heavener" tour is the bands first tour in North America coming all the way from Sweden. The band is known for Joel Holmqvist (vocalist) to show his identity, but the rest of his bandmates wear masks to cover their identities which makes the band mysterious and having the crowd wonder who these talented musicians really are

Death & Fear


Aviana performed songs from the 2022 album "Corporation" which Joel during the pandemic when the band dismantled and left him the last remaining musician in the band, he decided to continue with creating new music in 2020. With Joel's dedication and determination, "Corporation" was created with popular songs such as "Obsession", "Rage", and "Oblivion" that have over 3 million Spotify plays

I came across a fan towards the end of the night that was completely covered in Aviana merch. The individual stated "I did cry during their set at least 6 times. You can HEAR the passion in Joel's voice when he sings and see in his eyes how much he truly loves this band and what they accomplished. The second this show was announced, I had my credit card in my hand ready to purchase a ticket. Wanna know how crazy I am? Im basically going to 5 more shows of theirs across the USA to make sure I SHOW MY LOVE AND DEDICATION!"

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Next up was another Swedish band Thrown with Marcus Lundqvist (vocals), John Liljeblad (Guitar), Andreas Malm (Guitar), and there was a fill in drummer named Markus Matz due to Buster Odeholm having other obligations! The band released a new single "Guilt" on June 2, 2023 and the song already has almost 2 million Spotify plays!

Throwns lyrics expresses extreme hatred and anger which brought out the absolute worse in the crowd. The crowd had no problem forming a wall of death, moshing, crowd surfing, and one individual crowd surfed and backflipped off the stage into the crowd! The crowd became so violent that the mosh pit grew so large it almost formed near the barricade which brought complete CHAOS!

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Coming all the way from Melbourne Australia was Void of Vision who is direct support for Invent, Animate! Void Of Vision consists of Jack Bergin (vocals), James McKendrick (vocals + guitar), Mitch Fairlie (guitar), and George Murphy (drums). A few months ago, Jack suffered from a AVM (arteriovenous malformation) that ruptured which caused him to withdraw from tour obligations, but he is back now on the "Heavener" tour and not letting anything stop him from performing.

Void of Visions set reminds me of being taken into the Underworld where my soul will never rest with a hint of some hope when the musician starts performing cleans for "Angel of Darkness" which was released July 31st, 2023. This song is one the poppiest singles that the band released so far and they left no crumbs especially after Jack experienced a health risk.

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Finally Invent, Animate came onto stage and instantly brought nostalgia to my heart. Listening to this band since their first EP "Waves" was released back in 2012. Invent, Animate formed in 2011 in Port Neches Texas. The band incorporates djent, progressive metal and metalcore, and post-hardcore into their sound. The musicians behind this sound are: Marcus Vik (Vocals) , Trey Celaya (Guitar) , Caleb Sherradan (Bass) , Keaton Goldwire (Guitar), and Brody Taylor Smith (Drums)

Invent, Animate formed to take the hands of fans to guide them when they feel isolated, lonely, or struggling to continue with daily life. The band released the song "Elysium" on the Heavener album that Marcus explained that he's been struggling with grief of losing his grandfather a decade ago and that the song explains the stages of grief

Invent, Animates "Heavener" tour is ALMOST sold out with constant reminders how much of an impact this band has on their fans! Marcus also stated during mid set "Please take care of one another especially those crowd surfing due to the fact there basically is no room for them" As seen in this photo above, you can see Marcus making sure a crowd surfer makes it safely on the stage!

In 2023, Invent, Animate toured with bands such as: Currents, Like Moths to Flames, Bad Omens, and Erra.

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