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Introducing Alpha Wolf's New Video "Bring Back The Noise"

Updated: 5 days ago

"Bringing Back The Noise", a brand new single by Aussie metalcore giants Alpha Wolf oozes tumultuous bounce and bludgeoning beats. Lochie Keogh's biting vocal prowl meets industrial grinds, caustic riffs and nu metal-esque scratching in "Bring Back The Noise," a guaranteed party-starter.

While in discussion of the brand new single, members of Alpha Wolf share, "In the early stages of writing 'Bring Back The Noise,' we felt we had a party starter on our hands. Refining this song together in the woods of our writing retreat in the Australian winter resulted in a tw- minute barrage of catchy riffs with fun and fierce lyrics, which perfectly encapsulates what Alpha Wolf is about. We've found a way to be okay with delivering in-your-face style vocal hooks that will get any crowd jumping and singing along; 'Bring Back The Noise' delivers just that. Whether you like yelling along, head-banging, or moshing we invite everyone to turn it up loud until their speakers blow... On our recent tour across North America, we got the chance to debut this song live, to which we received amazing feedback amongst new faces and we're excited to finally be able to showcase the song in its true from for your listening pleasure. 'Bring Back The Noise' and turn it up."

The Lost & The Longing, a split EP Alpha Wolf released with Welsh rockers Holding Absence, was released in 2022, and CVLTFEST was launched to showcase the best Aussie talent in the heavy scene alongside some exciting international acts.By 2023, Alpha Wolf will expand their global reach to new heights. As part of the inaugural Knotfest Australia with Slipknot, Parkway Drive, and Megadeth, they tore up multiple stages at home earlier this year as part of their biggest North American run to date with Motionless in White.

Alpha Wolf is known for spitting their energy into their music and song writing. 'Bring Back The Noise' was just released this past Friday on November 24th and fans have been desperately waiting for some new heavy metal bangers. The song as a whole is very fast paced and is accompanied by their well known signature guitar squeals on the pedals, followed by Keogh's guttural screams.

As an Alpha Wolf fan myself, I was very surprised with the turntables scratches that were featured throughout the whole song. One lyric that mostly stood out to me as I was listening was when the vocals said "It's the big bad, where my dogs at?" which I found hilarious since they have wolf in their name. As we make our way towards the start of the breakdown, the heavy crushing instrumentals are paired with the immaculate vocals; Keogh introduces the breakdown by saying "I don't give a fuck!" For some reason, this single gives me a throwback of nostalgia from 90's nu metal which gives me flashbacks from the childhood I had and the music I had been exposed to. The blend of nu-metal and metalcore is astonishing and the song as a whole has been put together. Since the release of Akudama, this song has made my list for best releases of 2023.

Alpha Wolf just recently wrapped up their North American tour with Motionless in White on the 'Touring The End Of The World' with After the Burial and Knocked Loose. Starting next month, Alpha Wolf will tour Europe and the UK in support of The Amity Affliction. They will also be performing at Download Festival in the UK next year, as well as hosting their own festival CVLTFEST next February, alongside Emmure, Crossfaith, Ocean Grove, and more.

There have been many obstacles in Alpha Wolf's way, but they have refused to let anything stand in their way.As the pandemic raged on, the band released its sophomore album A Quiet Place To Die to critical acclaim in 2020, including a #6 spot on the ARIA charts and nomination for Best Heavy Album at the ARIA awards as well as multiple sold-out shows in Australia, Europe, UK, USA, and Asia.

Keep up with Alpha Wolf: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify

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