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Indie Sensation Peter McPoland Returns in 2024 with Electric Single 'Speed of the Sound (of you)' and Midwest Tour!

Indie alternative musician Peter McPoland is back with a bang in 2024, and he's bringing a fresh vibe with his latest single, "Speed of the Sound (of you)." This vibrant track, written, recorded, and produced exclusively by Peter himself, marks a notable departure in style for the artist, showcasing lively guitar riffs and an infectious upbeat drumline. Accompanying the release is a visually striking video, shot by none other than Ryan Falcoa, Peter's longtime collaborator and partner in crime.

Having teased fans with snippets of the track back in February, anticipation for its full release has been palpable, heightened by Peter's tantalizing dance videos set to the catchy beats of "Speed of the Sound (of you)." Now, with the official visual out in the world, listeners can immerse themselves fully in Peter's latest sonic adventure.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Peter McPoland is set to embark on his That Midwest Sound! tour, kicking off April 17. The tour will take him through a string of electrifying performances, including stops in Columbus, OH, Champaign, IL, Omaha, NE, Kansas City, MO, Madison, WI, Kirksville, MO, and St. Louis, MO. Notably, the tour includes two college shows where Peter will have the opportunity to captivate thousands with his dynamic stage presence and infectious energy.

For fans eager to catch Peter McPoland live in action, tickets are now available for purchase via his official website, Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of “Speed of the Sound (of you)” and more from this rising indie sensation.

Peter McPoland - That Midwest Sound! Tour

As Peter McPoland continues to carve out his place in the music scene with his distinctive sound and boundless creativity, there's no telling what exhilarating surprises he has in store next. So, stay tuned for more from this innovative artist, and get ready to groove to the "Speed of the Sound (of you)" all night long!


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