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Imminence Share Title Track From New Album "The Black"

Imminence Share Title Track From New Album "The Black"




Imminence is an alternative metalcore band that hails from the south coast of Sweden. The quintet has disrupted the heavy music realm in recent years by carving out a unique niche that defies genre boundaries. Imminence's music is a sonic tapestry that combines classical string arrangements with the raw power of ferocious Scandinavian metal, creating an auditory experience that captivates the audience.

The band's fusion of classical and metal is evident in its sound and visuals. Imminence is a beacon of innovation and excitement, establishing itself as a pioneer in the ever-evolving musical landscape. The band members include the talented vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarists Harald Barrett and Alex Arnoldsson, drummer Peter Hanström, and bassist Christian Höijer.

Imminence's upcoming album, The Black, promises to be an audacious and unparalleled musical odyssey that defies convention. The album is set to unleash the band's musical prowess and invites the audience to embark on a new genre classic. The band's lead vocalist and violinist, Eddie Berg, brings a unique flavor to the music with his exceptional talent in both fields. Guitarists Harald Barrett and Alex Arnoldsson complement each other's styles, creating a cohesive and powerful sound. Drummer Peter Hanström and bassist Christian Höijer provide a solid foundation for the band's music, creating a powerful and driving rhythm section.

In summary, brace yourself and take a deep breath as Imminence prepares to plunge you into the depths of The Black. Get ready for a thrilling and unforgettable musical experience that will leave you wanting more.

In advance of the album's release in merely a month, Imminence announces the new single and title track, "The Black," out March 15. Listen here.

The album arrives on April 12. Pre-order it here.



"Beyond the Pale"    

"Come What May"    


"The Call of the Void"    

"L'appel du Vide"    

"The Black"    

"Le Noir"


Artwork developed by Jakob Koc, designer behind all Imminence's releases.

Imminence started a new chapter in their music career last year with the release of five singles since June 2023. These new tracks have quickly gained millions of streams, worldwide attention, and a rapid growth in social media following. These latest compositions prove Imminence's evolution, marking some of their most innovative and progressive work to date. The band has ventured into a darker and more orchestral realm, pushing the boundaries of the modern alternative scene. Imminence's exploration is more than just music; it's a daring descent into uncharted territories, solidifying their position as pioneers in the landscape of unique and highly innovative musical expressions.

Imminence recently completed their first tour in North America, which was met with an overwhelming response. Within just 48 hours, the entire tour was sold out, and venues had to be upgraded not once but twice. This quick and impressive success solidified Imminence's position as one of the most popular acts in the global music scene. In 2024, Imminence will be making a comeback with "The Black Tour," which will take place in the USA in April and May and in Europe in October. They will perform at several anchor festivals, including Sonic Temple, Welcome To Rockville, Download Festival, Full Force, Greenfield, Sweden Rock Festival, Resurrection Fest, and many others.

As they bid farewell to their album "Heaven In Hiding," the band released an exclusive Deluxe Edition. The band continued to rise in popularity with their attention-grabbing Live In Studio recordings, which went viral across social media platforms. In just a few months in 2023, Imminence witnessed impressive growth, with over 100,000 followers and millions of streams. Their impact remains unstoppable.

With four full-length studio albums, over 250 million streams, a combined online following of over 700,000, and approaching nearly 900,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Imminence is poised to become the new force in the modern alternative music scene.


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