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If You Like Sleep Token and Within Temptation; You'll Love Exploring Birdsong!

On June 20, 2024, Exploring Birdsong released their newest single "Turntail" that instantly captured my heart! In the beginning of the song, you can hear the softness of the synthesizer that transitions into the melodic vocals. It's a fresh breath of air listening to a song that does not have guitar, but with the mixture of the bass and synthesizer it lures you in.

The lyrics "you wallow in your self destructive hunger still" meaning you are indulging in unhealthy ways in your life even if those ways are damaging, but those ways are what you feel the most comfortable with. "Turn tail and wish this all away, to cut to the bone, To follow your way back home ,you’ve been lost all along" the way I perceived the chorus for this song is that it's time to turn around and move forward from those destructive ways. And to start a new journey back to a lifestyle that you once lived before allowing yourself to fall into a dark path.

This song can relate to my life personally because sometimes I feel like I'm lost and that I feel way too comfortable with certain aspects of my life knowing those actions are toxic to myself. Once you get lost in the comfort of toxicity; you become blind of healthy coping habits. And you may feel like it's impossible to turn your life around. Here is what the band had to say about the song; "The chorus we feel is one of the strongest we’ve ever written, and we didn’t want to force releasing a song we think may benefit from a revisit later down the line. Fortunately, we feel the wait has paid off, and the version of 'Turntail' you hear today is something we’re really proud of. It represents both the older parts of us, along with the fresher, future version of Birdsong, and releasing it now feels right.

Exploring Birdsong is from the UK consisting of, Lynsey Ward (Vocals, piano) , Jonny Knight (Bass guitar, synthesizer) , Matt Harrison (Drums, percussion). The band has been nominated for two Progressive Music Awards! The band also performed as special guests for Katatonia in Ireland which was one of their first live performances since they performed at Euroblast Festival, RADAR Festival, and an Inaugural headline tour!

The band will performing in Manchester, June 22, at The Deaf Institute with supporting acts, Toria Woof and Cleaver Blue!


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