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If Not For Me Release Brand New Album 'Everything You Wanted' Accompanied By a New Music Video for "Tragedy"

On Friday, March 29th- Coming from Harrisburg, PA, If Not For Me releases their massive album titled "Everything You Wanted" which is available for streaming now. If Not For Me consists of members Patrick "Patty" Glover (vocals), Hayden Calhoun (guitars), Zac Allen (guitars), and Cody Frain (drums). As part of the release, the band shares their song "Tragedy", accompanied by a brand new music video directed by Alex Kouvatsos (Blackwolf Imaging) . The album also contains previously released tracks such as "No Thanks To You", "Alone," "Blameless," "Feel Me Now" and "Demons."

The album release begins with If Not For Me's explosive single, "Tragedy." This track is full of electrifying sounds that carry an addictive reverb. A perfect combination of brutal screams, clean vocals and heavy instrumentals can be heard on "Tragedy." The song's music video is filled with a fiery atmosphere, demonstrating the band's ability to come up with a theme that is uniquely their own.

From an outside perspective on the brand new single and the album entirely, If Not For Me has definitely come a long way. The band gives their fans a sense of heavy riffs, crushing breakdowns, and a blend of clean and heavy vocals. I have not heard of this band until they did that after show when From Ashes To New was on their Blackout Tour Pt 1 tour. Since then, I have been amazed by every release and I am very stoked to hear what they will curate in the future. Their latest single 'Tragedy' delivers fans a message with such emotion behind the lyrics. The lyrics to the chorus was what has stood out the most to me: "We're all martyrs of misery we didn't ask to be Living proof of a dying dream Wave goodbye to your empathy, All burned in effigy We were born into tragedy". Today's generation has been facing a different lifestyle as our parents, grandparents and ancestors and what the lyrics say "We were born into tragedy".

In an interview discussing the new album, vocalist Patrick Glover tells fans "...When we were writing for Everything You Wanted, we really wanted to like kind of push our boundaries a bit and work with as many different songwriters as we could to try and, you know, like get the sounds that we really want. Because like we're just we're right. We want to write songs that we like, like we don't care if they're super heavy. We don't care if they're super soft, like we just want to like the songs. We want to write something catchy, something that we would listen to. So we opened the door to write with all these different producers and stuff like that, which was amazing for us. It helped us get a lot of things that we wouldn't probably have gotten on our own. And we're really stoked about that. But like for this record, I was writing a lot more about, you know, my relationships in the past rather than, you know, things that I was dealing with in my own head. There's certainly some of that stuff sprinkled throughout the album. But the majority of this record I kind of wrote from a place of like hindsight and grief over the last, you know, a couple of years of my life. Just, you know, screwing things up in my relationship, getting screwed over and writing about a lot of how that stuff made me feel. And it's been really cool to see some of the reactions we've gotten from these singles, like hearing people, you know, relate to these songs and get something out of them. Because that's ultimately what I wanted when, you know, we wrote these songs. I just wanted to make somebody feel something. And if somebody could get something positive out of it, like that's, I mean, I feel like I've done my job at that point. "

-Patty Glover (vocalist)

“The title, “Everything You Wanted” has a couple intended meanings for me personally. It comes from a place of longing to find out who you really are outside of other people and understanding what you actually want out of life, which has been a major climb for myself to face over the years and a journey that will most likely never truly end. But it also serves as a bit of a sarcastic jab to ourselves and others who have wronged us in ways that feel irreparable. I just really wanted to convey that harsh but fair attitude of “These are the choices you’ve made, I hope it was everything you wanted,” which is something I’ve had to say to myself and others so may times. But I’m extremely excited for everyone to hear this record and see their interpretations of everything, and if there’s anyone at all out there who actually gets something meaningful out of these words and experiences, that makes it all worth it.

Earlier this month, If Not For Me's single "Feel Me Now" has been featured on SiriusXm Octane's test drive. The track was produced by Ice Nine Kill's Ricky Armellino. New and old fans were able to hear this phenomenal track whether they are going on a drive, doing daily tasks, and more. You can stream "Feel Me Now" below.

Everything You Wanted: 1."Feel Me Now"

2. "Blameless"

3. "No Thanks To You"

4. "Demons"

5. "I Don't Wanna Be Here"

6. "Everything You Wanted"

7. "Lost Cause"

8. "The Weight"

9. "Alone"

10. "Tragedy"

With the brand new release of "Everything You Wanted", If Not For Me is currently on tour for the album release. Below you can view the dates and attend a show that is near you!

Keep Up If Not For Me Online: Website | Spotify | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

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