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If Not For Me Kicks Off 2024 With A Brand New Single!

Updated: May 1

Congratulations to If Not For Me for officially signing to Thriller Records with other artists such as: Avoid, Dark Divine, The Home Team, and so many more! Today If Not For Me released their new single “Everything You Wanted” which will be on their album set to release on March 29, 2024. The musicians in the band deserve this opportunity with Thriller Records, releasing a handful singles in honor; “Blameless” , “Alone” , “Demons” , and “Feel Me Now” with Blameless being the most popular with 1.3 million Spotify plays. Each single I named above gas garnered over 100,000 Spotify plays in only a few months time, making If Not For Me Thriller Records new muse.

In conversation about their newfound record deal, If Not For Me mentions their plans with Thriller Records' support; “We can’t tell you how stoked we are to be joining the Thriller family. Bob Becker and Nick Moore have both launched a lot of bands that were extremely integral in shaping our personal music tastes and who we are as musicians, and it’s honestly so surreal to be able to work with them further. Our team is absolutely incredible, and we’ve been able to tell since day one how much they actually believe in us. It’s so sick to be joining such a stacked roster of artists that we’re genuine fans of and look up to. We’re extremely grateful for InVogue for pushing and pushing us to get where we need to be, and we’re proud to take this next step with Thriller Records.”

The new single represents experiencing a situation with someone that manipulates and lies to you for their personal gain, but when their lies come crashing down, you feel a relief that you were right the whole time. You are able to be set free mentally. Patrick Glover (Vocals) details this in conversation about the song; “The song highlights the frustration and confusion of being strung along for somebody else’s gain, but also the relief of being set free when all the lies finally come crashing down. I absolutely love the subtle sarcastic tone of the title and attitude it implies. I just wanted the listener to be able to relate to that vindicating weight being lifted when you can see that you’ve been right all along and can finally begin to move on.”

When listening to this new single, I felt every emotion the vocalist and every musician released into creating this. You can feel the energy of finally feeling free and being able to create a healthy relationship with your own self and everyone around you. You can FEEL in the song that peace is being made. And finally getting the closure you may need from a situation that you were holding onto for too long. This is the way I as a listener interpreted the song and I honestly can't wait to see what else this band has in store for 2024. If this song had me in my feelings then it did something right. It made me feel something. And that is what Patrick stated before; He wants people that listen to the music to see if anything meaningful comes out of it and that's all he wants. To create meaningful music

Patrick stated; “The title, “Everything You Wanted” has a couple intended meanings for me personally. It comes from a place of longing to find out who you really are outside of other people and understanding what you actually want out of life, which has been a major climb for myself to face over the years and a journey that will most likely never truly end.”

Pre-orders for this album and merchandise is now available!

Everything You Wanted Tracklist:


"No Thanks To You"



"I Don't Wanna Be Here"


"Lost Cause"


"The Weight"




If Not For Me consists of:

▪︎Patrick Glover- Vocals

▪︎Cody Frain- Drums

▪︎Zac Allen- Bass

▪︎Hayden Calhoun- Guitar



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