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Ice Nine Kills Presents Meat & Greet: The Horrorwood Saga Comes To A Tasteful End!

Updated: Mar 18

Credit Jonathan Wiene

Ice Nine Kills, consisting of members Spencer Charnas (vocals), Dan Sugarman (guitar), Ricky Armellino (guitar), Joe Occhiuti (bass), and Patrick Galante (drums), have achieved massive success following the release of The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood back in 2021, reaching #18 on US Billboard 200 and #1 on The Hard Rock Albums charts and now, after unveiling the gruesome Horrorwood Saga over seven music videos, the Boston-based horrorcore quintet is ready to bring this bloody chapter to its conclusion. On October 12th, Ice Nine Kills will host a global live streaming event called Meat & Greet: The Horrorwood Saga Comes To A Tasteful End!. The event will take place at The Montalban Theatre in Hollywood and it will be the premiere of the band’s brand new single “Meat & Great” and its accompanying music video. The music video will present the final piece of the puzzle to the already puzzling Horrorwood Saga.

Pre-save ‘Meat & Greet’ now at

Limited tickets are available now starting at $13 and can be purchased here:

The gathering will be hosted by Spencer Charnas, lead vocalist of Ice Nine Kills and the prime suspect in the series of murders committed in this bloody saga and journalist Ryan J Downey. In addition to the launch of “Meat & Great”, the event will premiere the full story of the Horrorwood Saga, combining all eight music videos into one whole feature film.

The special event will also feature a Q&A with Charnas and Horrorwood Saga lead star and horror icon, Bill Mosley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, House of 1000 Corpses), exclusive merch, exclusive horror-themed drinks, photo ops and chance to take a look at Ice Nine Kills memorabilia. Fans unable to attend the event will be able to witness the deadly night from their homes as the band will be live-streaming the whole event for free on their YouTube channel starting at 7:30pm PT/10:30pm ET.

“After two years and eight music videos, we’re ready to bring the ‘Welcome To Horrorwood’ saga to a shocking and tasteful climax with the premiere of ‘Meat & Greet’. This event will be an immersive multimedia experience celebrating the entire blood-soaked era of ‘The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood’. It will surely be a night to dismember…”! - Spencer Charnas

The saga's epic conclusion is not the only thing “Meat & Great” will host. Coming to light will be the unveiling of Welcome To Horrorwood Under Fire’, a 3LP Deluxe Edition of 'The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood'; featuring the album, ‘Meat & Greet’, two reimagined tracks and a limited edition, wearable Silence mask, all encased in a super limited and highly collectible flame-engulfed box set. Welcome To Horrorwood Under Fire will slash its way October 20th through Fearless Records. Pre-orders are available HERE!

“Bigger, bloodier and more brutal, we’ve taken the ‘Silver Scream 2’ and literally set it ablaze! ‘Welcome To Horrorwood: Under Fire', is our most ambitious and intricately designed piece of INK memorabilia to date. Designed by the legendary, Mike Cortada, The 3D flame-engulfed artwork comes to life through real illuminated lightbulbs built into the custom packaging. Encased within is a collection that includes the original album, a brand new studio track, 2 new re-imaginings of fan favorites and a haunting orchestral version of the ENTIRE album by the incredible Francesco Ferrini. But, the slicing on the cake is a wearable limited edition SILENCE mask straight out of the INK cinematic universe. Complete with a death certificate of authenticity signed by yours truly, this boxset is the ultimate collectible for the most die hard of our psychos." - Spencer Charnas on Welcome To Horrorwood Under Fire

Its safe to say, Ice Nine Kills are looking to deliver the killing blow to this horrifying chapter in the scariest, and bloodiest way they can and you don't want to miss it. Purchase your tickets now while you still can or tune in to the global livestream via Ice Nine Kills YouTube channel!




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