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Hunter Hayes at Park West

Flying solo? So is country music artist Hunter Hayes! On April 11, 2024, Hunter took over Park West, Chicago, for his Flying Solo tour! Hunter entered center stage with his acoustic guitar, and to the stage left his piano! Hunter interacted with the crowd as he tuned his guitar, and played with piano chords. "Are you single?" a female voice shouted-out to Hunter during a respectful silence from the Chicago audience. Hunter began laughing and playing the piano. "I'm so single that it hurts," Hunter sang back in response. The crowd began laughing along. Hunter continued on with the show!

Hunter engaged with the audience throughout the night! He even engaged in singing accapella at the end of his song “Wanted”. Hunter invited select fans to the stage to challenge him to a medley incorporating his songs! Overall Hunters performance during his Flying Solo show was memorable!



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