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Hollow Front Share New Visualizer For "Breaking Teeth"

Updated: Mar 21

Michigan-based band, Hollow Front, announced their third album "The Fear Of Letting Go" - arriving October 27th. They share a new visualizer for their new single "Breaking Teeth". Featuring a synthy mid-section, the song is fierce and voracious as the name suggests.

"This song is just pissed," says vocalist Tyler Tate. "It's one of the heaviest songs on the record, if not the heaviest. When I wrote the lyrics, I was just so fed up with the world and my life in general. It felt like no matter what I did, I could never get ahead. Set back after set back, problems around every corner. It's annoying having to cope all the time. Living should be simpler. But the society we live in prevents that. We should all be pissed about it."

Weathering storm after storm, the duo transformed the chaos around them in unpredictable and undeniable anthems.

"The album is a journey out of feeling helpless in a situation I don't have control over," notes Tyler. "I've realized the only thing I have control over is the choice to move on and keep going. That's all I'm doing. I'm not ready to give up yet."

Check out the visualizer for "Breaking Teeth" here:

You can pre-order "The Fear Of Letting Go" here:


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