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Hollow Front's Latest Single, "Will I Run?" is a Must-Watch - Check out the Music Video Now!

Updated: Mar 21

Michigan's metalcore powerhouse, HOLLOW FRONT, has just announced the release of their third album titled "The Fear of Letting Go," set to hit the stores on October 27th under the UNFD label. Get ready to experience the band's signature heavy riffs and raw emotions as they deliver yet another hard-hitting album.

Check out the music video for "Will I Run?" by the band, available now!

"'Will I Run?' is a song about the struggle of fighting your inner demons, who tell you're not good enough, and resisting the urge to turn around and run away from your problems when things get hard," shared Tyler Tate, singer of the group. "[Guitarist] Lee [Albrecht] actually wrote a majority of the lyrics on this song. He struggled with depression and self-doubt when his daughter was being born. Wondering whether or not he was going to be a good dad or if he was going to fail, so that's where he was coming from with the lyrics. And I think this is a very relatable feeling. When I first became a dad, things were terrifying. I didn't know anything and that made it even scarier."

Tate continues, "I think this song can be interpreted many ways. 'Running Away' from our last album had a similar message. You can't always run away from your problems, regardless of how badly you want to. This was also the first song we've written where a majority of my parts are singing, instead of screaming. That's definitely a change for us, but we want to be able to write whatever song we want, and losing Dakota left that box unchecked, so we decided to experiment with my voice. I think the results were better than we expected and the fans of our more intimate and emotional songs will really enjoy this track."

Amidst a tumultuous season, the Grand Rapids, MI duo of Tate and Lee Albrecht [guitar] have arisen to deliver a captivating musical experience. Rather than succumbing to the challenges thrown their way, they've harnessed the chaos and turned it into a collection of thrilling and unpredictable anthems that will leave a lasting impression.

"The album is a journey out of feeling helpless in a situation I don't have control over," notes Tyler. "I've realized the only thing I have control over is the choice to move on and keep going. That's all I'm doing. I'm not ready to give up yet."

And why should they?

If you're looking for a band that can deliver both unbridled heaviness and irresistible melodies, look no further than Hollow Front. Their 2020 album, Loose Threads, instantly won over fans and critics alike, racking up a massive 1 million streams in its first week alone. The standout track, "Afflicted," has since gone on to amass over 7.2 million Spotify streams and counting. Their latest effort, The Price of Dreaming, has only further cemented their status as one of the most exciting acts in metalcore today. Critics have praised the album for its emotional depth and raw power, with New Noise Magazine calling it "a blistering and bruising experience" and Distorted Sound dubbing it "metalcore at its most earnest." With a touring history that includes gigs with the likes of Fit For a King, We Came As Romans, Dayseeker, and August Burns Red, Hollow Front are a force to be reckoned with.

Hollow Front's journey leading up to the release of their third album, "The Fear of Letting Go," has been anything but smooth sailing. The band has faced numerous obstacles, including a van accident, financial struggles, and multiple lineup changes, leaving only Tyler Tate and Lee Albrecht as the remaining members by the end of 2022. However, rather than letting these challenges get the best of them, the duo persevered and poured their hearts and souls into the new album. Lee produced and recorded the entire album from his home studio, allowing them to experiment and evolve their sound to new heights. Notably, Tyler takes on both heavy and clean vocal duties for the first time, showcasing the band's willingness to push boundaries and try new things.


"The Fear Of"

"Will I Run?"

"Over The Cradle"

"Crash & Burn" (Feat. JT Cavey)

"Underpressure" (Feat. Dakota Alvarez)

"Stay With Me"

"Good Things Never Last"

"Letting Go" (Feat. Dakota Alvarez)

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