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Highly Acclaimed Indie-Pop Band Voxtrot Release First New Single In 14 Years "Another Fire”

Updated: Mar 18

photo credit: Daniel Everett Patrick & Angie Bandari

September 22nd, 2023 - After a little over a decade of not releasing new music; the five-piece, highly praised indie-pop band from Austin, Texas, Voxtrot make a triumphant return with “Another Fire”, their first single in 14 years with an accompanying music video directed by vocalist Ramesh Srivastava.

Another Fire” marks the bands rebirth, following their two LPs released last year, a remastered release of their first two EPs; Early Music and Cut from the Stone: Rarities & B-Sides which features unreleased B-sides.

Watch "Another Fire" video here or click the thumbnail below. Stream the single here.

With jangling guitars, soaring melodies, and a big chorus, “Another Fire" has all the earmarks of a Voxtrot track. In keeping with their DIY roots, they even recorded and produced the song themselves.

Another Fire is about personal and universal regeneration. Hearing it come to life through my bandmates’ contributions was thrilling - just like old times, but unmistakably new.” - Ramesh Srivastava on “Another Life

Early in the aughts blog era, Voxtrot, which consists of Ramesh Srivastava (vocals), Mitch Calvert (guitar), Jason Chronis (bass), Jared van Fleet (keyboards), and Matt Simon (drums) was widely embraced with a pair of EPs: Raised By Wolves and Mothers, and Sisters, Daughters & Wives, released by the band's own Cult Hero Records. However, despite their quick and massive growth, the band disbanded in 2010, shortly after the release of their debut LP; Playlouder/Beggars.

Despite this, their legacy only continued to grow with a new generation of fans that continue to listen to their music to this very day.

I had a dream where we were onstage and it was really positive. There was such a strong and palpable feeling of love in my heart that when I woke up, it was still with me. I switched on my phone and started looking at things tagged with “Voxtrot” on social media – teenagers covering our songs, people with Voxtrot tattoos – and just went down this internet rabbit hole that made me realize how much love there still is for the band. For the first time since we broke up, it seemed very, very obvious that we should do this.” - Ramesh Srivastava on the reunion.

Now, Voxtrot is back, releasing two archival vinyl compilations of their first 2 EPs and a near sold-out U.S. tour. Now with this new release, we can only assume more is on the horizon from Voxtrot from here on out.


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