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Heart of a Coward Releases Music Video for Single "Surrender to Failure" from their Upcoming Album

Updated: Mar 7

Attention metalheads: Heart of a Coward is releasing new music! Raise your horns in the air.

Heart of a Coward is a renowned British metal band that has been active since 2009, and they have become an integral part of the UK metal scene. The quintet is comprised of Kaan Tassan (vocals), Carl Ayers and Steve Haycock (guitar), Vishal Khetia (bass), and Christopher Mansbridge (drums). With an intense and powerful sound, they have amassed a large following of fans and have garnered positive press for their unique music. It is evident that the band puts a lot of effort and passion into every performance. Their level of talent is exceptional, and they consistently give their best.

Exciting news: Heart of a Coward has a new album, "This Place Only Brings Death," coming out on September 22 via Arising Empire. They've even released a new single, "Surrender to Failure". Heart of a Coward's newest track delves into the profound and complex emotions of hopelessness, inner turmoil, and self-questioning, fearlessly tackling weighty themes that elevate their musical creations to a truly exceptional level.

The new album diverges from their typical progressive style, instead embracing a more daring and inclusive sound influenced by metalcore. The album centers around the sobering concept of all things coming to an eventual conclusion, a universal theme that is sure to strike a chord with listeners.

Fans will be pleased to know that This Place Only Brings Death will be available in a plethora of options - colored vinyl, CDs, and other merch showcasing the new album for the group. Merchandise can be purchased directly from the Arising Empire Store, the band's online shop, and other music retailers. Pre-orders are available now, so snag your copy before they're gone!

Heart of a Coward has been making killer music since their debut album, "Hope and Hindrance," in 2012, and they've only continued to improve with each subsequent album. We can't wait to see what they come up with next, especially with the addition of their new frontman, Kaan Tasan. Keep headbanging, metalheads!


"This Place Only Brings Death"


"Surrender To Failure"





"All Life Is Finite"

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