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Heading North Shares New Single "Polarity" Out October 6th

Updated: Mar 18

Heading North

The up and coming Pittsburgh pop punk band Heading North announces the release of their second single "Polarity" - out October 6th. The emotionally charged track reflects the struggles Asha Edson - the bands vocalist - experienced as a teenager. With explosive drum parts, punchy guitar riffs, and Hayley Williams - like melodious vocals, "Polarity" mesmerizes you from the first beat.

Edson comments on how “Polarity” was the obvious title choice for this song. “The title has sort of a double meaning for me,” says Edson. “On the one hand, it’s about these two opposite forces that are constantly at odds with each other. More literally, though, it refers to my experience with bipolar disorder. It runs in my family and really shapes the way I handle conflict. The song is really about conflict at its core.

Asha goes on to share "For a while, I thought this song was about a specific person I always with and how much I just couldn’t forgive and forget,” says Edson. “Recently though, I realized this song is more about me, the grudges I hold, and the things I say out of spite. It feels like a sort of diss track for myself, especially me as a teenager. I don’t fully have a handle on it now, but I was really bitter and sad when I was younger. This song kind of comes from that perspective of someone that’s just so used to fighting and stooping low that it almost feels offensive to be asked to stop.

The band is made up of Asha Edson - vocals, Aedan Symons - Lead Guitar, Hannah Kozak - Rhythm Guitar, Cee Frink - Bass, and Mike Stolarz - drums.



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