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Have Heart Is Back! Announces Five Exclusive Reunion Shows!

Have Heart

Flyer by Braulio Amado

Time to get the moshing shoes ready and come out of stage diving retirement because it’s happening!!! They said it couldn’t be possible but it is…one of the most iconic and most influential Straight-Edge Hardcore Bands from New Bedford, Massachusetts, Have Heart is back and will be performing 5 exclusive reunion shows this summer.

The reunion will take place between June 2 and July 20 with headlining performances at Tied Down Festival and Sound And Fury and a co-headlining spot on the Saturday date of Outbreak Festival. The band will then play two off dates at The Brooklyn Monarch in Brooklyn, New York and will be sending if off with a hometown show at the Roadrunner in Boston, Massachusetts. Speed will be supporting both dates with Magnitude, Restraining Order, Move, and Anklebiter appearing at the Brooklyn show and Gel, Initiate, Eye For An Eye and Wound Man at Boston respectively.

You can purchase tickets for all shows here. Brooklyn sold out in an hour so I would not wait as you can expect others to follow suit. See all the flyers below for full list of bands and dates.

tied down fest

outbreak fest

sound fury fest

have heart brooklyn ny 2024

have heart boston ma 2024

It’s no secret how impactful Have Heart has been on the hardcore scene. The band took charge in the scene with their lyrics on self-image, youth pressure, the straight edge lifestyle, pacifism, friends and family, and perseverance. Their 2008 album Songs To Scream At The Sun received widespread critical acclaim, selling over 3,000 copies in its first week and reaching 193 on the Billboard 200. On Spotify alone, four songs dominate their Top 5 with “Pave Paradise”, “The Same Son”, “Bostons”, and “No Roses, No Skies” sitting at #1, #2, #3, and #5 respectively, gathering a total of over 8 million streams. The album was considered by many hardcore fans and outlets as the 2008 Album Of The Year.

Have Heart would then disband in 2009 and played their final show on October 17 on National Edge Day in Massachusetts. The band played 20 songs from all three albums in roughly an hour. The band would not perform again until ten years later in 2019 when they announced reunion shows in the UK, Germany, Los Angeles and Massachusetts. The Massachusetts show was an outdoor show held in the parking lot of the Palladium in Worcester and it was reported that an estimate of over 8,000 people were in attendance. It was considered the biggest hardcore show to date.

If you have never gotten the chance to see Have Heart live, this is your one and only chance to fix that. Brooklyn is already sold out and the band has no plans on adding any more dates so either take a road trip with your friends or book a flight to any of the remaining shows available because this is one reunion you don’t want to miss!!

Purchase tickets here!!!!


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