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Hardcore band Coliseum Releases a new single ¨The Stranger¨ And announces their Reunion shows for April!

All three members of celebrated post-hardcore band Coliseum – Ryan Patterson, Kayhan Vaziri, and Carter Wilson — have come together again under the moniker C.L.S.M. and recently announced the release of a brand new album titled Infinity Shit. An acclaimed co-release between Auxiliary Records and Equal Vision Records, Infinity Shit is finally now available for streaming on all digital platforms. Additionally, the LP’s next colorway, which is limited to only 100 units, is available now on clear black smoke through the Equal Vision store HERE. 

Although all three members of Coliseum, 'Infinity Shit' is not technically a new Coliseum album. It features 10 songs of blistering hardcore with unhinged vocals that reflect the chaotic insanity of everyday life in a world overrun with greed, self-infatuation, instant gratification, and ever-deepening class divisions. The album is the perfect punk record for this moment and a hammer that shatters the façade of our daily reality. You can stream 'The Stranger' from 'Infinity Shit' by clicking HERE, or stream the entire album on all digital platforms.

Since the hiatus, the three members of Coliseum, Ryan Patterson, Kayhan Vaziri (bassist), and Carter Wilson (drummer), have focused on their separate current bands. However, they remained close friends, and their desire to make music together again led them to secretly work on a new album. While Coliseum’s later albums were post-punk and noise rock-influenced post-hardcore, the new batch of songs Patterson began writing were raw hardcore punk that harkened back to Coliseum’s early D-beat days but with even faster tempos and more raging riffs. They wrote and recorded these songs in bursts of creative energy at Patterson’s House of Foto studio and at Wilson’s home studio before handing the tracks over to Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide) to mix and Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) to master.

I can see how much of a close bond Patterson, Carter, and Kayhan have. It's heartwarming to know that even though Coliseum ended their activity in 2015, they still have a strong connection with each other. It's amazing how they were able to create a new album, Infinity Shit, based on their immediate creative spark and long-term friendship and collaboration. Although Infinity was not intended to be a Coliseum album, it still reflects the same DNA and carries the essence of their music. C.L.S.M. is a mysterious and intriguing name that perfectly complements the faster and leaner music style of the new project.


C.L.S.M. will be performing the following reunion shows in April. Dates below. 


20 — Louisville, KY — Planet of the Tapes (Sold Out)

21 — Louisville, KY — Planet of the Tapes (tickets)

Infinity Shit track listing:

Dehydrated Flesh Of The Bourgeoisie

Trash The Human Race

Hammer Through The Windshield

Engagement Photos

Alchemical Terrorism

Behind The Sheltering Sky

The Stranger

Psychedelic Ward

Drill Into The Earth

Infinity Shit

C.L.S.M Online: Band Camp | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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