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Hail The Sun Performs at The Music Farm on Their "Divine Inner Tension" Tour

On November 24, 2023- Hail The Sun performed at the Music Farm in Charleston, South Carolina on their "Divine Inner Tension" tour with special guests: Glasslands, Zeta, and Kaonashi. The mixture of the different genres of all the bands kept the crowd engaged and it was never a dull moment throughout the whole show.

Opening the night was Glasslands which is a band that has former members from Beartooth, Before Their Eyes, and Icon For Hire! The band consists of; Josh Kincheloe (Vocals) , Jordan DiSorbo (Guitar) , Brandon Mullins (Drums) , and Chris Boisvert (Fill in bass). Glasslands released their newest single "The Creature" on October 27th, 2023 with over 27,000 Spotify plays.

In 2013, Glasslands was considered a creative outlet for vocalist Josh Kincheloe due to not being able to have part in the creative process in the band he was currently in. So he decided to create Glasslands to be able to unleash those desires as a musician. In 2014, Brandon Mullins departed from Beartooth and joined Glasslands because he shared the same ideas and goals as the Josh.

I have never personally listened to this band before and after that nights show, they definitely gained a fan. The energy on stage kept everyone engaged. The vocal reach the vocalist has was immaculate

I spoke to Jordan DiSorbo on how he felt about the show; he stated; "The show was incredible and the audience was super receptive to us as a new band. They made us feel at home and so excited to come back"

On their first album, "Pariah" released in 2016, Josh explained the meaning of his songwriting of the album; "There is a recurring theme throughout the record and that is a feeling of being an outcast. That may be a result of our own actions or that of something out of our control. Whether it be abuse, addiction, loneliness or abandonment, the first nine songs on the record share that sense of frustration and helplessness that goes along with those emotions. However, rather than ending our first album on a depressing note, we wrote the song “Go For Broke.” This sums up the record as a whole. Though the lyrics are few and simple, I feel it conveys the ultimate message we wanted to get across: Go for broke. No matter what has happened to you, what your problems are or who’s done you wrong, you’re in complete control of your own future"

Keep Up With Glasslands Online: Instagram / Facebook / Website

Next up was a Venezuelan Post-Rock band called Zeta currently residing in Florida!

During this tour; the band experienced difficulties, but was still able to perform at almost all the shows due to dedication and not wanting to let anyone down on the tour. The band this year celebrated their 20th anniversary and performed over 1500 shows! I personally never heard of them until that night and the performance was soul catching. You could feel the love and energy radiate off each musician.

The band released their newest single "VI RESIGNAR 2024" on November 16, 2023

The musicians made a statement on this recent single; "When we started writing this song our future was uncertain, we had been trying to stay in several different countries but couldn’t find a place, didn’t had the resources, and barely had the energy to survive.

And it was so hard fighting ourselves everyday to not overthink, to not day dream about what Venezuela nor watch our memories on repeat."

"The most difficult part was letting go of friends, family and significant others we had left back home. so we wrote a sort of a letter to Venezuela as if the country was a person and we were trying to break up with them, and this beautiful powerful ballad manifested.

at the moment it was hard even to promote the song, now after all these years I feel like we can finally open up and talk about it in detail."

Keep Up With Zeta Online: Instagram / Facebook / Website

It was Kaonashi's turn to perform! I was actually suppose to see this band perform at Explicit Content in Maryland, but I sadly missed the first day and I'm glad I was able to finally see them! The band was formed in Philadelphia in 2012 consisting of; Peter Rono (Vocals) , Ryan Paolilli ( Drums) , Alex Hallquist (Guitar) , and Ryne Jones (Bass). The band is currently signed to Equal Vision Records.

This band caught my attention and kept it. Before one of their songs, they played the Kingdom Hearts "Simple and Clean" opening song, everyone sang their hearts out, including myself and my friend. Any band that shows they love that videogame series will be one of the top bands on my favorites list

Currently their top song released on Spotify is "You'll understand when you're older" with 1.5 million plays!

One of my favorite albums is "Why Did You Do It" because its about a fictional character named Jaime that the band made up to re-tell stories of their own lives which includes heartache, abuse, loss of a relationship, and suicide. So a lot of people can relate to this album if they listen closely to the lyrics of each song

Paolilli stated; Me and Peter came up with the story probably a year and a half, maybe a little more ago. We were just talking about the topic of people’s ignorance to depression and suicidal thoughts — how people can condemn someone or outcast them, and as soon as something happens, then oh, everyone’s that person’s friend — but they’re gone. Nothing ever gets changed. No one’s actually looking at it, and no one sees the moments of what builds up to that. It’s always just 0 to 100 and that’s it. So, we were trying to paint a picture of that so people can get a better grasp of how this goes. I hope it doesn’t get lost in translation. Me and Peter come from totally different backgrounds — I’m from Massachusetts and he’s from Philadelphia. We started relating to each other and decided to describe what it was like for us — as kind of a juxtaposition of where we are now as people versus where we were then as kids.

Keep Up With Kaonashi Online: Instagram / Facebook / Website

Ending the night was Hail The Sun! Hail The Sun is a Post-Hardcore band from Chico, California that formed in 2009 while the members were in college consisting of; Donovan Melero (Vocals) , Aric Garica (Guitar) , John Stirrat (Bass) , Shane Gann (Guitar) , and Allen Casillas (Drums)

Hail The Sun currently has 300k listeners on Spotify with "Rolling Out The Red Carpet" being the most popular song with 9 million plays from album "Wake" released in 2014. Through 2014-2015, the band toured with other popular bands such as: Too Close to Touch, Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Polyphia, and Palisades

Captured these jumping shots of Donovan on stage

Divine Inner Tension was released August 11, 2023 with "Chunker" and "Mind Rider" being the most popular songs on the newest album

"Divine Inner Tension exists as an exceptional addition to Hail the Sun’s ever-growing discography—a discography whose quality only seems to increase with every release" -New Noise Magazine

The band also stated this about the song "Chunker"; What we give out is what we get back. The confidence we have in our abilities to overcome and thrive is endless. Admittedly, doubt can fuel this confidence from non-believers, as trust is intimidating. It is threatening. And this can feel good. However, when spite lingers around, it only poisons the person harboring it, and we have been those people several times. Letting it go aligns with

the initial cause of putting out what we want back, to begin with. Thus we grow"

And Donovan stated about the meaning behind the album was; "This is the first album we’ve written that didn’t come exclusively from a place of suffering or pain. Sadness, heartbreak and nihilism all inspire, but during the pandemic, there was a big shift, and this is more about retelling the story — retelling stories about everyday perceptions. Everything comes from within, so I thought that maybe I don’t have to suffer to feel inspired"

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