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Hail The Sun And Intervals Hypnotized The Crowd With Mind Blowing Performances at The Masquerade!

On March 31, 2024, Hail The Sun and Intervals co-headlined on their new spring tour with special guests Makari and Body Thief in Atlanta, Georgia at The Masquerade! The night was filled with such amazing voices from staple vocalists in their hardcore scene; voices that feel like it can hypnotize you to feel only happiness and peace. Between the vocals and the instrumentals throughout the night, the audience could candidly feel every raw emotion. It was a night to remember!

Opening the night is one of my favorite bands Makari! The band formed in 2011 in Orlando, Florida consisting of Andy Cizek (Vocals), Matt Beljan (Guitar), Eric Stewart (Guitar), John Tomasso (Bass), and Kevin Beljan (Drums). The band originally had a different vocalist named Brandon Cullen as well as a keyboardist Lindsey England! Makari at the moment has over 150,000 Spotify listeners with "Transient" having almost 7 million Spotify listens off the album Hyperreal released in 2018! Makari recently released their newest album Wave Machine on March 4, 2024, with songs such as; "Eternity Leave," "Breakers," and "Soulstealer" being the most popular!

Makari opened up with "Eternity Leave" and the song's beginning tore at my heartstrings because of how beautiful it sounded combined with Andy's voice. The whole song was a dream that felt like you were falling into an oblivion of happiness that you can't seem to grasp, but you are going along with it. They also performed the songs "Breakers," "Better," and ended with the song "Transient!"

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Next up was Body Thief. I recently got into this band and having the opportunity to see them live caused so much excitement. The band consists of Daniel Hawkins (Vocals), Greg Chipkin (Guitar/Vocals), Sebastian (Drums), and Marvin Macareno (Fill in Guitarist/Bassist). Body Thief has over 20,000 Spotify listeners at the moment, with "Death, Drugs & Dancing" being the most popular track with over 400,000 listens from the album Every Ending released in December of 2022.

When they performed "Ego Displacement," I actually screamed internally because this song has been on repeat for the last month after finding them randomly on Spotify! Hawkins' clean vocals in a live setting are so captivating and aesthetically pleasing to listen to! And they are the sweetest guys. I am already planning on seeing them again in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 2 because I have to listen to "Death, Drugs & Dancing" and "Ego Displacement" again!

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Hail The Sun was up next! The last time I saw their performance, they were touring with Glasslands, Zeta, and Kaonashi a year ago at the Music Farm in Charleston, South Carolina! I already knew that I had to keep my eye on the vocalist as he is very energetic and truly embodies the stage. During their previous performance, he was jumping in the air constantly!

Before anything, Hail The Sun is a post-hardcore band from Chico, California that formed in 2009 while the members were in college consisting of Donovan Melero (Vocals), Aric Garica (Guitar), John Stirrat (Bass), Shane Gann (Guitar), and Allen Casillas (Drums). Hail The Sun recently released their newest single "Secondary Worship" on March 1, 2024, with over 200,000 Spotify plays!

The light production for their set was absolutely INSANE! As a photographer, we love it when bands have good light production, it means a long night of editing great photos! I tried so hard during their set to avoid getting hit with the microphone due to the vocalist swinging it around constantly, but hey, what's a hardcore show without an injury? Make sure you make it to this tour before it's over!

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The last up was Intervals! I photographed this band twice last year when they toured with Tesseract and Alluvial! The band consists of Aaron Marshalls (Guitarist) and co-founder of Intervals started in Toronto, Ontario in 2011, Nathan Bulla (Drums), Jacob Umansky (Bass) , and Travis LeVrier (Guitar). Intervals recently released their newest single "Neurogenesis" on March 7, 2024 ft KOAN sound with over 200,000 Spotify plays!