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Grrrl Gang Releases New Single "Better Than Me" Along With New Music Video

Updated: Mar 18

Prior to the release of their debut album Spunky!, Indonesian trio Grrrl Gang reveals their latest single "Better Than Life". The song delves into the struggles Sentana experiences since being diagnosed with a mental disorder. Angeeta Sentana (vocals and guitar) and Edo Alventa (guitar) wrote the track together portraying Sentana's ongoing efforts to embrace this part of ther life as something "normal". Sentana shares "Being diagnosed with any mental disorder is not a nice thing to have. I'm still in the process of accepting it as a 'normal' part of my life, but there are times when I would feel super down about it".

Accompanying the new track is a music video directed by Bathroom Girls and will be the final chapter of a continous a movie. The music video follows an introverted girl through the night of a growing house party who is just looking for the validation from her peers. Getting throughouly intoxicated, the girl decides it the only way to feel the freedom she craves is to have fun on her own.

You can check out the music video here:

Stream "Better Than Life" on all digital platfroms.

Find the album Spunky! here:

Grrl Gang's lyrics touch on themes including feminism, mental health, and relationships with raw honesty. The bands boisterous energy, coupled with Sentana's own experiences, emotive and attitude-filled vocals, promises to deliver an impactful musical experience for listers of all ages!

"The first full-length from fêted Indonesian indie pop band Grrrl Gang is a sparkly pop-punk confection tempered with biting dry humor." - Bandcamp

“After the vibe-setting first leg of the tune, the Indonesian trio burst to life with driving rhythms and enough attitude to sustain a small aircraft. Throw this one on at the function, and get ready to move.” - Consequence on “Spunky!”

“The Indonesian indie-punks have a knack for that both lyrically and, er, guitaristically – as such, Spunky! bounces along in a way that channels its angry motivations into something far more positive.” - Guitar World on “Spunky!”

“Indonesian trio Grrrl Gang are officially the coolest band on the planet

right now.” - Loud Women

“Songwriting that feels years beyond a debut” - Austin Town Hall

Spunky! tracklist

1. Birthday Blues 2. A Fight Breaks Out At A Karaoke Bar 3. Rude Awakening 4. Spunky! 5. Cool Girl 6. Better Than Life 7. Tower Moment 8. Mother's Prayer 9. Blue Stained Lips 10. The Star


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