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Updated: May 2

Icon Girl In Red announces “I’m Doing It Again Tour” on her “2023 was the craziest year of my life” Tiktok where she expresses her struggles with the last couple of years, while also proclaiming the joy and excitement experienced in 2023 as she states “I finally came out what felt like a lifelong depression,” before continuing with “and I started making music again and I realized I had an album idea” with the last photo of the Tiktok being a picture of her stage backdrop for her brand new tour. The Norwegian artist started her career by sharing her home-recorded songs as a teenager in 2017, before plunging into fame just a year later with her viral songs “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,” and “We Fell in Love in October.” After her last released single in 2022 “October Passed Me By,” she took the following year to perform at various festivals, and even open for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.


1. I'm Back


3. Too Much

4. Phantom Pain

5. You Need Me Now?

6. A Night To Remember

7. Pick Me

8. Ugly Side

9. New Love

10. ★★★★★

With her return to Headline Touring, she announced on her Instagram “North America, we’re doing it again!!! I’m bringing my biggest show to you ever! I’ve put all my creativity into it and it looks f**cking sick” and as she’s previously known for her already high-energy shows she was sure to excite fans with her North America Tour Announcement. She kicks the I’m Doing It Again Tour off on Tuesday, April 16 in Boston, Massachusetts at MGM Music Hall, and continues to noteworthy stops such as Radio City in New York, Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado, The Ryman in Nashville, Tennesee, and The Greek in Los Angeles, Califonia before wrapping it up on Sunday, June 2 at the Warfield in San Francisco. Tickets for the tour are available on her website and all other ticket-selling platforms as the general sale began on February 16, 2024.

Her well-anticipated sophomore album is set to release via Columbia Records on April 12, 2024, and can be pre-ordered and saved here. In an announcement of the album she also dropped the track “Too Much” (listen here) as a teaser and a way to excite fans for the upcoming release and tour. In the brand-new ballad, she embraces vulnerability as she examines an emotionally unavailable love interest in the lyrics “You just love to kill the light in my eyes / to make me low when I'm high.” Her lyrics embark the listener on her journey throughout the relationship as she begs the love interest “Please, don’t say I'm too much/ that I'm over the top” setting the stage for anyone and everyone to deeply resonate with her heartbreaking lyrics as she expresses the toxic love. In addition to releasing the track she also released a music video to accompany it which expresses the heartbreak visually and expertly. The video starts with the love interest watching TV before rejecting the girl in red’s attention and causing heartbreak and the feeling of being too much to catch fire. 

For more Girl in Red Updates, including upcoming tour information, fans can visit her website at She can also be found in A24 Music’s forthcoming compilation “Everyone’s Getting Involved: A Tribute to Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense” which is in celebration of the recent re-release of Jothanan Demme’s iconic concert film of the same name and the 40th anniversary of its accompanying soundtrack album.

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