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Getting Old Sucks: Bowling for Soup at Manhattan's Irving Plaza

After fifteen years and hundreds of classic hits under their belt, Bowling For Soup has returned to the road with their recent tour series Getting Old Sucks alongside punk artists MEST and Authority Zero. The twenty-two-date tour has been selling out shows across the United States, promising fans an entertaining and lighthearted experience in every single city. Bowling For Soup has been one of the leading artists of the pop-punk scene for over a decade and continues to be such even after all these years.

Forming in Wichita Falls, Texas, Bowling For Soup surfaced in the music industry during the mid-90s taking influence from legendary musicians such as Mötley Crüe and Greenday. The unordinary name of the ensemble originates from one of Steven Martin's comedy acts, which is fitting in conjunction with the humorous charisma of the four-piece group. Bowling For Soup ultimately witnessed mainstream success in the early 2000s after the release of their fourth studio album Drunk Enough to Dance, which earned a Grammy nomination in 2003 for the single "Girl All The Bad Guys Want." Over the ensuing decade, the band harbored a die-hard fanbase, breaking the Billboard Top 40s with their 2004 release A Hangover You Don't Deserve. During their extensive career, Bowling for Soup has managed a fairly diverse and prolific output within their tuneful confines, releasing three live albums, two Christmas albums, a collection of movie and TV themes, and an acoustic release.

Our Sunday evening at Irving Plaza began with Arizona rock group Authority Zero. Formed in 1994 as well, the band's style is rooted in reggae and skatepunk with Spanish and Portuguese influences. Authority Zero began with the initial lineup of Bill Marcks, Jerry Douglas, and J.W. Gordon as a group of high school friends tinkering around on their instruments. Douglas soon after introduced the other members to the lead singer, Jason DeVore, who impressed the group with his ability to "write catchy songs in fifteen minutes with really sticky hooks," as Gordon described him. The band opened the night with feel-good punk rock music which instilled excitement in the crowd right off the bat. Listeners packed in, banging heads to the raunchy hits whether they knew the words or not. Overall, Authority Zero was a fantastic choice to begin the night with, their setlist was filled with upbeat hits the audience relished every second of.

Next to take on Irving Plaza was the American pop-punk ensemble MEST from Illinois. The group came together as a band in 1995 however soon separated in 2006. A few years later, the group came back together and now consists of original member Tony Lovato, alongside added members Gary Foster and Devin Parker. Tony Lovato's dedication to the scene has persisted throughout all these years, even through breakups and having to rebuild MEST, which harbors a die-hard fanbase and translates into a lively performance. Tony invigorated the crowd immediately with his persona alone, incorporating the crowd into the performance by having close friends join listeners in their jubilation by crowd surfing for the first time. The energy MEST brings to a stage will make anyone in their crowds want to bounce around and join along in their carelessness.

After a symphony of alternative rock melodies further amped up the anticipation in fans, the introduction everyone had been awaiting finally filled the concert hall; Here Comes Bowling For Soup! The venue erupted with the screams of fans from all eras as Jaret Reddick, Chris Burney, Gary Wiseman, and Rob Fellcetti stepped onto the stage at Irving Plaza. The presence of the four members alone gets a crowd pumped up before the music even begins. The band has created a family within their listeners who have fallen in love with and idolized the amusing and witty personalities of the members. On this note, a Bowling For Soup performance is far more than just a concert but rather a comedy show, a disco, a fundraiser, and a sing-along all in one, making the event worth every penny spent. Bowling For Soup's music hints at the lighthearted character of the members, however witnessing their banter in person conveys how comfortable they are, not only in front of a crowd, but with themselves and their skills musically. Bowling For Soup has been one of the leading names in the pop-punk scene for over a decade, and it's obvious the band will maintain this title for years to come. The performance attracted listeners of all ages from adults with their children to college students on a night out. The band's ability to connect with all ages in a crowd is exceptional and further cements their place as a band that will go down in history as a household name in the industry. Bowling For Soup visited New York last Sunday to remind Manhattan the weekend doesn't end until Monday, yet, at the same time, the band also was able to provide blood transplants to people suffering from fatal diseases through Music Saves Lives, an organization the band is currently president of.

If Bowling For Soup doesn't ring a bell for you, take another listen to the theme song of Phineas & Ferb before snatching tickets to the rest of their recent tour series below. Bowling For Soup promises fans a playful experience filled with nostalgic hits you'll forget you know all the words to and it's one we highly recommend being a part of.




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