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German Death Metal Band HIRAES Release Their Latest Album Dormant + New Music Video.

Updated: May 1

On January 26, the melodic German death metal band HIRAES have released their second studio album "Dormant". Prior to the release of their newest album, they also have released a new music video for the albums title track "Dormant".

"Today, before the release of our brand-new album ‘Dormant’ this Friday, we unveil to you, the title track. After an atmospheric intro, you are hit with a gigantic wall of sound of thundering guitars, shattering blast beats, and rousing vocals. Our third single is also one of the most varied songs on the album, and will hopefully shorten the next few days of waiting for the release date. Lyrically, the track guides you into the depth of the self, as it draws a picture of the soul’s core, the hidden place inside where time and space stand still. The atmospheric music video underlines the message even more and marks another cornerstone of HIRAES’ artistic variability.”- HIRAES.

In 2021, HIRAES had released their debut album "Solitary". From their debut album release to their latest release with "Dormant", the group has shown their growth within their sound and live appearances. On "Dormant", HIRAES has emerged with their own spin in the melodic death metal world with versatile drumming, catchy riffs, hymn-like melodies, soundscapes that capture your attention and the impressive vocals of their vocalist Britta Görtz. The new album is intense highs combined brilliantly with feelings of sadness all rolled into one. Fans of artists like Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, At The Gates and so many more will definitely enjoy what HIRAES has to offer. HIRAES is Britta Görtz on vocals, Lukas Kerk and Oliver Kirchner on guitar, Christian Wösten on bass and Mathias Blässe on drums.

“The album will grab you with its intensity from the first second on and won't let you go. We invested a lot of energy, dedication and passion to create this monumental and melancholic piece of melodic death metal. Having played countless shows over the last two years, 'Dormant' captures the energy of HIRAES’ live performances and places the songs right between heart and gut"- HIRAES.

Along with the release of "Dormant", you can catch HIRAES out on the road this March with psy-core metal band Dymyry.

'Dormant' Track List:

3. Undercurrent

4. Chance To Fail

5. About Lies

6. Come Alive

7. Ocean Child

8. Nightflight

9. Red Soil


27.01.24 DE – Geislingen / MieV

28.01.24 DE – Osnabrück / Bastardclub

29.01.24 DE – Hannover / Cafe Glocksee

01.02.24 DE – Weinheim / Cafe Central

02.02.24 DE – Selb / Rock Club Nordbayern

03.02.24 DE – Berlin / Cassiopeia(DTB Party)

29.02.24 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben *

01.03.24 DE – Essen / Don't Panic *

02.03.24 DE – Dresden / Beatpol *

08.03.24 CH – Pratteln / Konzertfabrik Z7 *

09.03.24 DE – München / Backstage *

15.03.24 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser *

22.03.24 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage *

23.03.24 DE – Hamburg / Bahnhof Pauli *



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