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Games We Play Ignites Gramercy Theatre with Unforgettable Pop-Punk Spectacle

Games We Play transported the audience into a realm of lighthearted oblivion with their mesmerizing live performance at Gramercy Theatre in New York City this past Tuesday. From the moment the lights dimmed and a humorous greeting from Emmyn Calleiro himself reverberated through the room, it was evident that attendees were in for an unforgettable night of music and pure joy.

Games We Play isn't just a band; it's a force of nature in the pop-punk scene, led by the charismatic and fiercely talented Emmyn Calleiro. With a knack for crafting hyper-catchy anthems and emotionally charged lyrics, Games We Play has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. This past March, Games We Play unleashed their latest, debut album, Life's Going Great, a raw and honest exploration of the tumultuous journey through Emmyn's early 20s.

The album kicks off with the memorable pop-punk anthem "All My Untalented Friends (Ooo La La)," a tongue-in-cheek ode to self-deprecation that immediately grabs your attention and leaves you craving more. From there, Emmyn takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the poignant "too young" to the vulnerable earworm "Pretty Boy." Each track offers a glimpse into Emmyn's inner world, as he navigates the highs and lows of fame, love, and self-discovery.

But it's not just the catchy hooks and infectious melodies that make Life's Going Great stand out; it's also the deeply personal nature of the lyrics that seep with resonance. Emmyn lays bare his soul, confronting the challenges and insecurities that come with growing up in the spotlight in a way that is brutally honest yet easily relatable. Whether he's grappling with the aftermath of a breakup or coming to terms with his own self-image, Emmyn's lyrics hit home with a raw candor that is both refreshing and empathetic.

The album also features some of Emmyn's recent singles, including "Girl Shaped Crater," which has been hailed by Rolling Stone as a "song you need to know," and the gleefully spiteful "Petty Enemy." These tracks showcase Emmyn's ability to blend infectious pop-punk melodies with emotionally self-aware lyrics, creating a sound that is both catchy and cathartic.

But it isn't just the music that's captivated listeners; it was Emmyn's journey to success that truly resonated. In less than two short years, he went from relative obscurity to viral sensation, signing with his dream record label and touring the world alongside his idols, including YUNGBLUD, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and The Band CAMINO. Now, Games We Play has hit the road on their first-ever headlining tour in celebration of their debut album Life's Not Going Great with support from House Parties and Zoe Ko.

Setting the stage for the evening was Zoe Ko. Hailing from New York City, she put on a hometown show that left the audience buzzing with excitement for what was impending. From start to finish, Zoe Ko commanded the stage with a presence that belied her young age, proving herself a force to be reckoned with in the up-and-coming pop-punk scene. With her powerhouse vocals and catchy melodies, she engaged the crowd from the very first chorus and even managed to get people to sing along with her multiple times during the setlist. Throughout the night, Zoe Ko showcased her versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending alternative rock anthems with mainstream pop ballads, each song igniting more adrenaline in the crowd as she grooved across the stage, embodying every centimeter of the open space.

Zoe Ko

Between songs, she shared stories from her own life, offering a glimpse into the inspiration behind her music. Whether she was recounting tales of heartbreak or moments of triumph, Zoe Ko's authenticity shined through, endearing her to everyone in the audience. Despite only having a handful of songs officially released on streaming platforms, Zoe Ko won over the hearts of one of the most prestigious music scenes; Manhattan, New York. After her set, Zoe lingered around the merch table to meet fans and the line to snap a photo with her wrapped around the crevices of the venue well into the next opener's set, proving her ability to effortlessly connect with fans new and old on a deeper level.

Next to captivate the audiences of New York City's Gramercy Theatre was the Texas-based high-energy trio House Parties, who turned a mundane Tuesday night into a exactly what their name suggests; a house party. From the moment they took the intimate stage in the concert hall, it was clear that this wasn't going to be just any ordinary house party - it was going to be an unforgettable night of pop-punk sing-alongs and quasi mosh pits.

As the band kicked off their set with a rendition of Demi Lovato's anthemic "Heart Attack," the crowd erupted with screams, instantly feeding off the infectious energy radiating from the stage. House Parties wasted no time resuming the tone of the evening after Zoe Ko's vivacious set, delivering a non-stop barrage of catchy hooks, electrifying riffs, and pounding rhythms that had everyone on their feet from start to finish, even opening small mosh pits at times too.

house parties texas

One of the most impressive aspects of a House Parties' live performance is their ability to seamlessly showcase their polished and established musicianship in front of a packed house. As only an opening act, House Parties easily could've headlined the show with their rambunctious personalities yet skillful musicians. Lead singer Chaney Elaine commanded the stage with a confidence and contentment that underscored her vocal prowess, effortlessly transitioning between highs and lows as if singing comes second nature to her, while the rest of the band members played with a passion and precision that was impossible to ignore. It was hard to keep your eyes off of guitarist Spencer Trinidad, who was masterfully demonstrating tricks with his electric six-string. From swinging it all around his body to shredding on solos, Spencer Trinidad is a guitarist more than worthy of accolades for his talents. At the same time, drummer Wesley K. Jones maintained a strong foundation for the music, never once missing a beat as he exemplified his proficiency with rhythm song after song all while maintaining an energetic ambiance. All in all, House Parties is definitely one to keep an eye on in the up-and-coming pop-punk scene, it won't be long before their name is on renowned festivals and they're embarking on headline tours of their own.

After another half-hour intermission, Games We Play finally took center stage at Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan, New York, delivering a concert experience that left the audience exhilarated and craving more. From the moment the band stepped into the spotlight, it was clear this wasn't just another show - this was a sonic and impassioned journey into the heart of pop-punk bliss.

As the first chords of "Oh So Blue" reverberated through the venue, the crowd was immediately swept up in the band's infectious energy. Lead singer Emmyn Calleiro command the stage with a magnetic, charismatic presence, his powerful, witty vocals soaring above the driving rhythms and infectious melodies created by the rest of the band.

Despite the tour being in honor of their debut release Life's Going Great, throughout the night, Games We Play treated the audience to a mix of old favorites and new classics, each one more electrifying than the last. Games We Play further enticed the crowd with two special guest performers including Emmyn's brother performing bass for two songs and Hoodie Allen stopping by after Passover for his verse on "Hey Ben." There was never a dull moment for the crowd as Emmyn had his band members tie his shoes, passed the microphone to audience members to sing, and cracked jokes about his own self-confidence, providing an inclusive, safe space for fans to truly let loose and be authentically themselves.

games we play

Thus, it wasn't just the music that captivated the audience - it was the band's undeniable chemistry and infectious enthusiasm. As they tore through blistering guitar solos and thunderous drum fills, it was clear Games We Play were more than just a band who belonged on stages in front of live audiences - they were a tight-knit unit, united by their love of music and their passion for performing. While Emmyn Calleiro is the mastermind behind Games We Play, the band would simply not exist without guitarist Kyle Fink and drummer Chase Varnon adding another depth and dimension to the music. Live, these three musicians come together to create a show that is musically enthralling and overall entertaining.

Highlights of the night included the anthemic sing-along "Get A Job," which had the entire crowd chanting along with every word, and the hauntingly beautiful "Round & Round," which sought an intimate moment of Emmyn Callerio singing solo on stage with only the accompaniment of his acoustic guitar.

As the concert drew to a close with the triumphant strains of "I Hope You're Happy," it was clear that Games We Play had left a lasting impression on everyone who purchased tickets. With their infectious energy, undeniable talent, and charismatic stage presence, they had proven themselves to be true master of their craft. As the crowd filed out of the venue, buzzing with excitement and adrenaline, it was evident that Games We Play had delivered a concert experience that would be remembered for years to come.





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