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From creating songs on an iPhone to sold out shows around the world - D4VD in Dallas, Texas


On the night of June 19, if you were anywhere downtown, you would hear the bustling sounds of cheering fans and the energy radiating out of the South Side Ballroom in Dallas. As the clock strikes 8, the venue grows in anticipation as the lights dim, the smoke rises, and the stage lightens up with strobes; the show begins.


Hailing from Queens, New York City, d4vd takes the stage in one of the biggest cities yet on his “My House is Not A Home Tour” in the heart of Dallas, Texas. What started as a small artist making songs from an iPhone in a closet has led to sold out shows in America's biggest venues, breakthrough records on the Billboard Hot 100, and over 75 million streams across hundreds of platforms. 

Scott James

Opening the show was Scott James, who entranced the crowd with his mellow tunes and the gentle strumming of his guitar. And after warming up the crowd with his witty humor and melodic voice, the lights cut and the main act begins. As the music and voices come to a stop, d4vd break onto the stage with maximum energy and hype. The crowd erupts into cheer and what once was a music hall becomes a dance floor filled with energy. He switches the vibes throughout his set, playing songs like “My House Is Not A Home,” to his new hit “Feel It” from The Invincibles tv show. Regardless of the hype or more sad toons, the crowd never stops singing and dancing along. 


As the night comes to an end, d4vd performs his last song requested by the crowd screaming for it, “Romantic Homicide,” where he has one final moment and sings with the crowd. And as the curtains dance across the stage and the lights dim, the crowd begins walking to the exits, satisfied and with memories to last a lifetime.

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