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Floya Announce EDM/Rock Hybrid Debut Album “Yume”! Out 3/8

Updated: May 1

Floya, the German-based EDM and Rock genre blending duo - Phil Bayer (vocals) and Marv Wilder (guitar) - have announced that their debut album Yume will be released on March 8 via Arising Empire. In commemoration of the album’s unveiling, the duo have released a music video for their latest single “Drift”.

Watch the music video here or click below.

Listen to “Drifthere.

The uplifting, genre-bending track gives a clear and transparent message: Do what you love; there’s not enough time for anything else. The message is backed up by the duo’s use of open and bright synths, mixed with beautiful guitar riffs by Wilder and Bayer angelic voice. “Drift” is the sixth song to get a music video, following the singles, “Stay”, “Willows”, “Wonders”, “The Hymn”, and “Epiphany”.

“I don't think I've ever written a song this honest before. I've grappled with ambivalent emotions toward my career, to be completely transparent. There were moments when I doubted whether I could continue doing what I love. I turned my back on music for a while and, as a result, lost a significant part of my identity. 'Drift' is about precisely that: Dealing with ambivalence, overcoming doubts, and enabling.” - singer Phil Bayer

Floya was formed when its members, Bayer and Wilder found common interests in the music they listen to, specifically U2, Peter Gabriel, and Sting. Since forming in 2022, Floya has already made an impact. On March 25, 2022, the duo release their debut single “Wonders” and it sits at #2 on Spotify with over 1.4 million streams. Their #1 single “The Hymn” was featured in the AFL game between Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs on Australian Television which is extremely impressive for a brand new musical project. Floya has amassed over 8 million streams with JUST the singles on Spotify and with Yume on the horizon, we can expect the the numbers to go nowhere else but up.

Pre-Order Yume here.



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