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Fame on Fire Perform Their First Headlining Manhattan Show at Mercury Lounge

A circle formed in the standing area of Mercury Lounge this past Thursday to celebrate Fame on Fire's first-ever headlining tour; The Chaos. The exhilarating performance harbored a nearly sold-out show with only twenty tickets remaining the morning of the event. Fame on Fire is only a week into The Chaos Tour, however, listeners have already sold out a handful of cities. With a phenomenal kick-off to the tour, we expect the rest of the dates to sell fast, so make sure to snatch some tickets below and be prepared to scream your heart out.

Fame on Fire entered the hardcore-rap-rock scene in 2013 as a cover band from Florida who went viral for their interpretations of radio hits. The band initially began releasing metal renditions of songs by famous pop artists such as Lil Uzi Vert and Ed Sheeran. The band gained massive recognition in 2015 after releasing a cover of the Adele song, "Hello," generating millions of views on YouTube alone. Eventually, in 2017, Fame on Fire produced their first EP, containing five original songs and reinforcing their novelty. Soon after, the ensemble dropped their debut studio album, Levels, which ultimately popularized their name in the industry after their song "Her Eyes" charted number one on Sirius XM Octane. Last year, the artists released their second LP entitled Welcome to the Chaos assimilating positive reviews from critics. As of currently, the band is embarking on their first-ever North American headlining tour with multiple sold-out dates and support from Kingdom Collapse.

Fame on Fire Mercury Lounge

If you're seeking out the next best upcoming band of the hardcore rock scene, look no further than Fame on Fire. Although the band is just now commencing their inaugural headlining tour, the group has nonetheless been together for over ten years, making them a tightly-knit group and polished individually as musicians. On this note, the production at Mercury Lounge Thursday night was pristine. Despite the hardcore instrumentals backing up the vocals, the tonality of the lead singer, Bryan Kuznitz, echoed through the room and stuck in the heads of attendees. In small venues such as Mercury Lounge, artists frequently face issues with the sound quality, especially for vocalists, being drowned out, yet Fame on Fire had no such issues. The levels were deliberately adjusted so each performer shined separately yet were still conglomerate as a group. The talent and precision of each member transfer to stages seamlessly, constructing an overall lighthearted environment where the band members are evidently relishing the moment just as much as listeners are. All in all, a Fame on Fire concert is filled with vitality and jubilation, projecting from both those on stage and in the crowd. Without even realizing it, you'll be banging your head with the beats, singing along to the catchy hooks, waltzing to the guitar lines, and ultimately wishing the show was longer than an hour in duration.

Fame on Fire is only a week into The Chaos Tour with still a month underway, however, dates across North America have already started selling out with limited tickets remaining for most cities. The Chaos Tour is only the beginning of many more headlining events for Fame on Fire, but you definitely don't want to miss out on the opportunity to say you saw them first! Grab tickets and stay connected with the band below.


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