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Eyes Set To Kill Rocks West Palm Beach 07/06/24

Eyes Set To Kill

This past Saturday, West Palm Beach was visited by none other than Eyes Set To Kill for their anniversary tour celebrating 15 years of their first album Reach. Eyes Set To Kill was a popular rock band in the early 2000s and continues to be nostalgic for all “elder emo” millennials. Their first album Reach was released in 2008 which included their hit songs "Darling," "Violent Kiss," and of course "Reach." The only original band members still involved in the project are the Rodriguez sisters, Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez. Since the release of Reach, the sisters and their rotation of bandmates have released five other albums with the newest one being their self-titled album in 2018. The self-titled album was described as having “balance drop-tuned heaviness with airy electronics and a glossy pop vocal sensibility” by an unknown source from Apple Music (AppleMusic, 2018). Considering that this is an anniversary tour, if you attend one of the shows you can expect to hear all of the album’s hits including some generationally underappreciated tracks like "Young Blood Spills Tonight" and "Sketch in Black & White." Eyes Set To Kill also decided to sprinkle in some newer tunes like "Heights" from The World Outside album released in 2009 and "Broken Frames" from the Broken Frames album released in 2010. Essentially this album is one big nostalgic time warp to when things were easier and vans were dirtier. See you in the crowds.


Clink the link below for tickets and remaining tour dates:

Eyes Set To Kill

Eyes Set To Kill

Spoiler Alert!!!


West Palm Beach Eyes Set To Kill Set List:

1.   Sketch in Black & White

2.   Reach

3.   Violent Kiss

4.   Young Blood Spills Tonight

5.   Where We Started

6.   Into The Night

7.   Only Holding On

8.   Liar In The Glass

9.   Heights

10.    Broken Frames

11.    Give You My All

12.    Darling






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