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Experience the Magic of Dead Poet Society's "How Could I Love You?" Live Performance

Updated: 5 days ago

Dead Poet Society's latest single, "How Could I Love You?" is a heart-wrenching track that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. The Los Angeles quartet is set to release their second album, "Fission," on January 26th via Spinefarm. Pre-order it now.

The band consists of Jack Underkofler on vocals and guitar, Jack Collins on guitar, Will Goodroad on drums, and Dylan Brenner on bass.

The quintet has shared a live performance video for the new single "How Could I Love You?" which is compiled from their recent performances at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis and at the Subterranean in Chicago. In the video, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the band members before they take the stage, connecting with fans in the moment while honing on their skills musically as well. You'll feel like you're right there in the front row, experiencing the buzz of the guitars and sweat from the band members.

The raw vulnerability of the lyrics, combined with electrifying guitar riffs, creates an epic musical landscape that mirrors the tumultuous journey of love betrayed. Dead Poet Society lays bare the scars of heartbreak, inviting listeners to join them in a cathartic exploration of love's complex terrain.

Dead Poet Society has already released "Running in Circles" and "Hurt," followed by "I hope you hate me," which accompanies "How Could I Love You?" You can check out their videos here.

With over 72 million global streams and nearly 32 million in the U.S. alone, Dead Poet Society has established itself as an intense live act with two Top 15 singles on radio and key playlisting. They've toured with alt-rock powerhouses Badflower, Biffy Clyro, Highly Suspect, and BRKN Love.

Don't miss out on Dead Poet Society's latest album, "Fission," and be sure to catch them live on tour.


"- 5:29:45"

"Running In Circles"


"How Could I Love You?"

"I hope you hate me."


"Tipping Point"

"LA Queen"

"Hard To Be God"

"81 Tonnes"

"My Condition"


"Black and Gold"

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