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Exile Tours the Desert

Exile's smooth, full guitar rhythm sound carried this band through 5 decades of music. They excelled at the sounds and feelings of hanging with their girl drinking wine on candle-lit nights and losing love. Celebrating 60 years together with their new album, Million Miles Later.

J.P. Pennington joined the band at 14 years old, then the band was a garage band in Kentucky. He is still touring with the band and brings that uplifting, feel-good sound alive. The current lineup consists of the original members from their 1978 #1 billboard hit, “Kiss Me All Over”. By the mid-1980s the band transitioned into a country feel and by 1984 found themselves on the Country charts with “Woke Up in Love”, and “Hang on to My Heart”

They opened their show with “Give Me One More Chance” Then took us on a wild ride through the 70’s and 80’s, from gospel to country and rock. They took us on a tour of songs they wrote for other bands over the years such as “Heart and Soul”, "Huey Lewis" and "The News," joking throughout about the age of their music. Even after all these years, you would think they were all still in their 40s when they started to play. They wrapped up the show with their #1 billboard hit, “Kiss Me All Over” to a packed-in, standing audience who swayed to the song and cheered at the end.

Exile's discography comprises 14 studio albums, five greatest hits albums, a live album, thirty-eight singles, and eight music videos along with becoming Kentucky Music Hall of Fame members. Exile is the longest-running American self-contained band!

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