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EVILDEAD Rises Again: The Potent Mix of ‘Toxic Grace’



In the ever-shifting realm of heavy metal, where the echoes of thunderous riffs and soaring vocals reign supreme, there stands a band that has weathered the storms of change with unwavering resolve. EVILDEAD, the titans of American thrash metal, have carved their name into the annals of music history with a ferocity that resonates with the souls of their legion of fans. Four years have elapsed since they unleashed their monumental comeback album, “United States Of Anarchy,” a record that not only captivated their ardent followers but also garnered critical acclaim.

As the world has transformed around them, EVILDEAD has remained a bedrock of consistency, their musical prowess as formidable as ever. Yet, they have not been idle; the band has been meticulously honing their craft, channeling their quintessential strengths into an ever-evolving dynamism that is both controlled and purposeful. The fruits of their labor are now ready to be revealed in their latest offering, “Toxic Grace.”

Toxic Grace” is more than just an album title; it’s a declaration of the band’s artistic journey, a narrative woven from the threads of their storied past and their vision for the future. Slated for release on May 24, 2024, through the venerable Steamhammer/SPV, this opus will be available to the masses in various formats: the tangible touch of CD and LP, and the immediacy of digital download. In a gesture of generosity to their fans, EVILDEAD will release two singles, “Raising Fresh Hell” and “Subjugated Souls,” ahead of the album’s arrival. Accompanied by lyric videos, these singles are not mere previews but heavy metal manifestos, embodying the band’s wealth of experience and the undiminished energy that fueled their early days.

The visual representation of “Toxic Grace” is entrusted to the artistic prowess of Dan Goldsworthy, whose portfolio boasts collaborations with the likes of Haken, Accept, Corpsegrinder, and Alestrom. His creation for the album’s cover art is expected to be as striking and impactful as the music it encapsulates.

Delving into the sonic landscape of “Toxic Grace,” vocalist Phil Flores describes it as a rich tapestry of sound, “an album featuring a wide range of different styles and sounds, from doom to melodic metal, from traditional heavy metal to our characteristic old-school thrash style.” Guitarist Juan Garcia, known for his work with Body Count, speaks to the deliberate and thoughtful approach to the album’s composition: “We took our time with the new songs, really focusing on the arrangements, tempos, and how the riffs flowed together. There’s plenty of hyper moments; one of my favorite tracks is ‘Reverie.’ We wanted the new songs to be powerful, and not just fast for the sake of speed. I’m proud of everyone’s contribution; there’s lots of bangers on this album.”

Bassist Karlos Medina highlights the collaborative spirit that underpins the album, noting the guitar-driven focus that allowed him to craft bass lines with a “rhythmic-minded groove.” He reflects on how the band’s recent 2023 summer European tour infused their studio sessions with the electrifying energy of their live performances, inspiring a “musical union for your metal thrash ears. Enjoy!”

Drummer Rob Alaniz speaks to the culmination of their collective influences and experiences, asserting that EVILDEAD has “finally come full circle.” He expresses his excitement for the new release, confident that the band still has “lots of gas in the tank!”

Toxic Grace” promises to be a landmark release for EVILDEAD, a showcase of their evolution and a reaffirmation of their place at the forefront of the thrash metal genre. It is an album that spans the spectrum of metal, from the doom-laden depths to the peaks of melodic grandeur, all anchored by the band’s hallmark old-school thrash vigor. As the release date approaches, the anticipation among fans and newcomers alike is palpable, for “Toxic Grace” is not just an album—it’s an experience, a journey through the heart of metal crafted by masters of the art. Prepare to be captivated by the toxic allure of EVILDEAD’s latest magnum opus.



Toxic Grace Track List:

1. F.A.F.O. *

2. Reverie *

4. Stupid On Parade **

5. Subjugated Souls **

6. Bathe In Fire **

7. Poetic Omen *

8. World ov Rats *

9. Fear Porn *

10. The Death & Resurrection Show 2024 **

(bonus track for vinyl and digital)

*Produced & mixed by: Dave Casey at Phase 66

**Produced & mixed by Rob Hill at X Music Studios

Mastered by: Dave Roman at 4130 Mastering

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