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ERRA Release New Single "Pale Iris" + Music Video

Updated: Mar 6

After a year of unreleased music, the progressive metalcore act ERRA have just released their newest single, "Pale Iris" accompanied by a music video.

With nicely layered vocals from vocalist JT Cavey, hard hitting drums, and technical guitars, the song follows the similar progressive structure the band is known for but has a couple of surprises thrown in there. Known for his high cleans, guitarist/clean vocalist Jesse Cash changes it up a bit on this one and goes for a lower register of cleans which makes for really melodic and catchy choruses. The song's more mellower and softer sections give the song a nice atmosphere that gives it a chill but still hard-hitting vibe that'll keep you listening. While not their most technical song, "Pale Iris" is a nice change of pace for ERRA to try new things out while keeping their signature style intact.

While there's no news yet on a new album, fans can assume with this new single that one is on the horizon and until then, you can stream "Pale Iris" here.

ERRA is:

JT Cavey - Lead Vocals

Jesse Cash - Guitars/Clean Vocals

Clint Tustin - Guitars

Conor Hesse - Bass

Alex Ballew - Drums

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