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Eliza & The Delusionals announce new album 'Make It Feel Like The Garden' out July 19 via Cooking Vinyl

Australian indie rock band Eliza & The Delusionals are thrilled to announce their highly-anticipated second studio album, Make It Feel Like The Garden, set for release on Friday, July 19 via Cooking Vinyl. Fans can now pre-order limited edition bundles and pre-save the album!

In the lead-up to the album release, the trio has dropped their second single, "Falling For You," now available on all streaming platforms. Written during a creative retreat in Napa, California, "Falling For You" delves into the complex emotions of love and identity. Lead singer Eliza Klatt shares, "'Falling For You' was a personal favorite from the get-go for me. There's just something about the driving beat and the soaring melodies that I love. We knew we wanted to experiment with saxophone for this record, and this song felt like the perfect track for that. I think there is so much emotion to it, and it's such a beautiful part to the song. To me, lyrically it's about not wanting to fall down the rabbit hole of falling in love but you just can't help it."

At its core, "Falling For You" explores the whirlwind of emotions that accompany the experience of falling in love. The lyrics capture the tension between desire and hesitation, as the protagonist grapples with the fear of losing themselves in a romantic entanglement. Lines like "play it right, wanna know what you're thinking 'bout / sitting quiet just to get you to stay around / will you stay around?" highlight the struggle of maintaining one's identity while being irresistibly drawn to another person.

The song opens with a driving beat that immediately sets an energetic tone. This is complemented by soaring melodies that create a sense of urgency and passion. One of the most striking elements of the track is the use of saxophone, which adds a unique and emotive layer to the music. The saxophone solos interweave with the guitar riffs, creating a rich, textured soundscape that elevates the emotional intensity of the song.

Eliza Klatt's vocal delivery is both powerful and nuanced, conveying the raw emotion of the lyrics. Her voice carries a sense of vulnerability and determination, perfectly embodying the song's themes. The way she navigates the dynamic range of the track, from soft, introspective moments to full-throated declarations, showcases her versatility as a vocalist.

Produced by Oscar Dawson, the track benefits from a polished yet organic production style. Dawson's approach emphasizes the band's strengths while pushing them to explore new sonic territories. The production highlights the intricate interplay between instruments, ensuring that each element, from the rhythm section to the saxophone, contributes to the overall impact of the song.

The band has also released a captivating video for "Falling For You," created by Brisbane videographer and 3D designer Tom Carroll (@egumei), who brought the concept of the garden to live. Eliza comments, "It was amazing seeing the whole visual side of things come together - seeing the entire Garden come to life the way he had imagined it. Visuals are always such an important part of a record to us, we always want to try something different and push the boundaries of the ideas we have. Kurt Skuse (guitarist) always has an out-of-the-box idea, and it's just amazing to see the ideas when they come to fruition.”

Make It Feel Like The Garden was conceptualized on the road during their North American tour in 2022, with Kurt and Eliza writing the majority of the album at their DIY studio in Napa before heading back home and recording with visionary producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, CLEWS, Amy Shark) at his studio in Rye, Victoria. Eliza describes the process: “It was interesting to see how working in a different part of the world, outside of the comfort of our home studio and Australia in general, has influenced our writing and the process of demoing the songs. Recording the album with Oscar Dawson was an incredibly collaborative experience. He continued to push us out of our comfort zones which led us to feeling really free creatively. I think this also made us write in our most honest and genuine form.”

The album will also feature the title track "Make It Feel Like The Garden," which has already garnered significant support in Australia, with airplay on Triple M, triple j, SYN FM, 4ZZZ, 2SER, and Rebel FM.

Make It Feel Like The Garden follows the release of several singles and the band's acclaimed EP A State Of Living In An Objective Reality, which features the hit single "Just Exist." The track topped the charts of SiriusXM's defining alternative rock station Alt Nation, where it was voted Number 1 on the Weekly ALT18 countdown and remained in the Top 10 for over a month. It has accumulated over 6.3 million streams on Spotify as of May 2024.

Eliza & The Delusionals have toured extensively with Silversun Pickups and beabadoobee and performed at major festivals including SXSW, BottleRock, and Firefly.

Tracklist for Make It Feel Like The Garden:

  1. Coming To An End

  2. Make It Feel Like the Garden

  3. She Sits Up So High

  4. Iris (Interlude)

  5. Falling For You

  6. Marigold (Interlude)

  7. Another You

  8. Dahlia (Interlude)

  9. Hurts

  10. I Wanna Love You

  11. Arabella (Interlude)

  12. Lately

  13. Violet (Interlude)

  14. Everything That Isn't Mine

  15. Will She Know Today

  16. Somebody

  17. Madison

  18. Coming To An End Pt. II

Be sure to check out the video for "Falling For You" on YouTube and stream the single on all digital platforms as we await the 18-track full-length set to release on July 19.


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