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elbow Release Latest Album AUDIO VERTIGO

elbow Release Latest Album AUDIO VERTIGO



Things I’ve Been Telling Myself for Years

Lovers’ Leap

(Where Is It?)


Very Heaven

Her to the Earth

The Picture

Poker Face

Knife Fight

Embers of Day

Good Blood Mexico City

From the River

"AUDIO VERTIGO is a testament to the band's gifted musicianship, capable songwriting, and mindset to create something special." - Under The Radar Magazine.

"The new album is a riveting journey through a kaleidoscope of soundscapes, showcasing the band's adeptness at reinventing their musical identity while preserving the essence of their signature style." - Glide Magazine.

"Not your average Elbow album." - Brooklyn Vegan. "Elbow returns with a vengeance." - RIFF Magazine.

"Audio Vertigo is a rewarding record and an unexpectedly exciting evolution of a well-established band." - Spinning Platters.

"Gnarly, groove-based workouts in a minor key. Top stuff." - UNCUT.

"Their tenth album feels suitably landmark." - MOJO.

"Audio Vertigo is full of invention and humanity. Like all the best acts, Elbow knows they need to evolve & AV sees them do so in great style." - Prog Magazine.

"Ten albums in, Elbow continues to surprise." - Classic Rock. "This is the veteran band coming out swinging into the light." - The Scotsman.

elbow Release Latest Album AUDIO VERTIGO

Elbow has released their tenth studio album, 'AUDIO VERTIGO,' just last week via Polydor/GEFFEN. The album was recorded throughout 2023 at the band's at-home studios, Migration Studios, Gloucestershire, and was finalized at the band's facility at Blueprint Studios, Salford. It marks a significant step change for the group from their previous album 'Flying Dream 1' released in 2021. Lead singer and lyricist Guy Garvey describes 'AUDIO VERTIGO' as a creation built from "gnarly, seedy grooves created by us playing together in garagey rooms".

The album is more direct and sonically varied by purpose than its predecessor. To coincide with the album's release, elbow has unveiled a music video for the focus track, "Things I've Been Telling Myself For Years". The video was directed by The Wonder Brothers and Shoot The Sound.

The band describes their album 'AUDIO VERTIGO' as being rich in stomp, swing, and infectious oil-can funk beats. It showcases their love for varied and various styles, with tracks ranging from the Beastie Boys meets Bonham breaks of the opener, "Things I've Been Telling Myself For Years", to the infectiously funky "Balu" that's drenched in horns.

The lead single, "Lover's Leap," infuses their sound with bright, hard-hitting energy in the form of blaring horns and electronic beats, making it a theme for a futuristic cop show, as Guy describes it. The album's lyrical sweep considers our obsession with star-crossed lovers, self-delusion, and loss in a digital age. It narrates a real-life knife fight and explores the nature of friendship, both real and imagined, as well as genuine and mythical experiences.

The lyrics of 'AUDIO VERTIGO' match the scale and scope of BBC Radio 4's 'In Our Time' in their ambition and execution. "Knife Fight" even includes a reference to the Chandrasekhar Limit, which is unusual for a pop song. Early critical responses to 'AUDIO VERTIGO' have been overwhelmingly positive, with MOJO giving it a 4-star review and noting that it is a landmark album. PROG was thrilled with the energizing lattice of fizzing synths in "Balu" and declared that their 10th LP is special.

AUDIO VERTIGO is available now via Polydor/GEFFEN Records on Vinyl album, CD, and digital download. Grab your copy or listen to it HERE.



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