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“Dying to Know” Radio Flower: Music, Live-Shows, and Fans

radio flower
Radio Flower at Old National Centre 2/2/2024

Radio Flower is an up-and-coming rock band based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had the opportunity to shoot their show on February 2 of this year. Having nearly 40,000 followers on TikTok, the band has been quickly gaining momentum across multiple streaming platforms. Radio Flower performed at the Egyptian Room in the Old National Centre.

The show was opened by local musician MIKEY, and rock band Chin Up, Kid. These two artists warmed up the crowd with fun banter and catchy covers that everyone in the audience sang along to, but the lively energy escalated as the headliners took the stage.


The show was to promote their soon-to-be-released EP “Seasons," with songs such as “Winters Alone," which has gained lots of traction on social media.

To further entice concert-goers and fans alike to come to their show at Old National Centre, the band offered a giveaway to one ticket holder whose name would be drawn in the middle of their set. The person whose name was called got invited up to the stage and received a merch item, a vinyl pressing of the “Seasons” EP, and a pair of Apple AirPods.

I was lucky enough to have a friend who introduced me to Radio Flowers’ drummer, Brian Elkins. Talking to him, I was able to cover this show, and I also got the chance to interview Ty Stuart and Isaac Hero about the gig and their upcoming EP.

Radio Flowers

Interview with Ty Stuart and Isaac Hero of Radio Flower:

Josie: "How long have you both been into music? Have you always known you wanted to be a performing artist?"

Ty: "I have been into music since I was very young. I did lip sync performances for my family when I was young, pretending to play guitar and sing. By the time I got into middle school, I tried acting and doing musicals which I pursued for a long time. I really got serious about wanting to be a musician in 2008 and began doing covers, and working on original music."

Isaac: I have been into music since the day I was born but my journey as a musician began at age 12. My stepfather bought an acoustic guitar because he wanted to learn. I picked up the guitar one day and immediately felt a connection. Within a week I had already learned multiple songs."

J: "How do you feel about using TikTok as a way for newer artists to gain traction for their music? I’ve noticed the band’s TikTok is very active, with almost 40,000 followers. Do you feel that marketing on TikTok is becoming an essential part of being an independent artist in this industry?"

T: "Tiktok has absolutely become essential for new artists whether you like it or not. It’s bittersweet for us personally as it has led to some success for our band. But it is frustrating as well since we never planned to be “influencers”. At the end of the day though it’s just a tool to use for your career. We try to look at the positives though, especially the ability it gives us to interact with our fans!"

J: "How were you feeling before/during the show at Old National Centre? What was going through your mind when you saw the turnout and the many fans who sang along to your work?"

I: "Very excited and anxious before the show. This was our first big show in a long time. But during the show it was pure excitement, love and adrenaline. The crowd was amazing, they sang along to every song and were so sweet after the show, it was awesome!"

J: "Your new EP “Seasons” should be coming out soon. What can we expect to hear from this? What has been your favorite part of creating this EP?"

T: "Yes it is! It’s coming out April 19th as a matter of fact! This EP does something we haven’t done before, which is that it tells a story with each song. Each song is connected both thematically and melodically. You can expect a lot of the same formula as the other songs we’ve released so far. We wanted to make sure we continued and improved upon the sound we’ve created as Radio Flower. Our favorite part was being in Nashville again, just working together in the studio crafting these songs with our producer and friend David Kerckhoff."

J: "What would you like your fans or new listeners to know about your music and your band?"

I: "We want people to know that we care about music. We care about doing something different and fun. We’re not just trying to make money or sell out, we’re trying to make something unique and cool. And we want everyone to come along with us for the journey. Any new fan or listeners should know that when they join our community, they’re not just fans. They’re our friends and family."

Radio Flowers

Overall this show was one I’ll never forget. Everyone I met at the gig was lovely and respectful, and the music was incredible live. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I encourage everyone to check out Radio Flower’s EP “Seasons” released on April 19, 2023!


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