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Dua Lipa’s “Training Season”: A Whirlwind of Pop Brilliance

Updated: May 2

Photo Credit: Tyrone Lebon

Brace yourselves, music aficionados! The incomparable Dua Lipa is back with a vengeance, and she’s not here to play. Her latest single, “Training Season,” is a sonic rollercoaster that catapults us into a kaleidoscope of emotions, dance moves, and cryptic voicemails. Buckle up, because we’re about to dissect this electrifying masterpiece.

The Voicemail Avalanche

The music video kicks off with Dua’s voicemail inbox exploding like a confetti cannon at a New Year’s Eve party. Apologetic messages, second chances, and desperate pleas flood her digital sanctuary. It’s like the universe conspired to bombard her with emotional debris. But hey, isn’t that what voicemails are for? To remind us that life is messy, and sometimes it spills over into our voicemail boxes?

Dua’s Solitary Throne

As the beat drops, we find Dua sitting alone in a dimly lit crowded room. The walls seem to close in, and the air thickens with anticipation. She’s the eye of the storm, a calm center amidst chaos. The men—oh, the men—are circling like sharks, vying for her attention. They’re like lost satellites orbiting a distant planet. But Dua? She’s the sun, radiating confidence and poise. The room spins, and we’re caught in its gravitational pull.

The Collaborators Behind the Magic

“Training Season” wasn’t conjured out of thin air. Dua teamed up with a dream team of songwriting sorcerers: Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr., and the enigmatic Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. Imagine them huddled in a candlelit studio, scribbling lyrics on parchment, fueled by cosmic energy and triple-shot espressos. The result? A track that slaps harder than a malfunctioning slap bracelet.

In talking about the track, Dua shares, “I had been on a string of bad dates, and the last one was the final straw. The next morning I arrived to the studio to Caroline and Tobias asking me how it all went and I immediately declared ‘TRAINING SEASON IS OVER,’ and like the best ‘day after’ debriefs with your mates, we had a lot of laughs and it all quickly came together from there.” 


Dua continued, “And while it is obviously about that feeling when you are just absolutely done telling people…men specifically in this case, how to date you right; it is also about my training season being over and me growing with every experience. I have never felt more confident, clear or empowered. And while it may be that training season is never over for any of us, you start to see the beauty in finding that person to experience it with. You stop looking for the trainees and become more interested in having someone where you are and someone to grow with.”

Grammys, Brits, and Dua’s Cosmic Dance

Dua’s recent Grammy performance was like watching a supernova explode. “Training Season” collided with “Dance The Night” and “Houdini,” creating a celestial medley that left us gasping for stardust. And now, she’s gearing up for the BRIT Awards. Three nominations—Artist of the Year, Best Pop Act, and Song of the Year for “Dance The Night”—are dangling like ripe fruit. Will she pluck them? Or will they fall into her lap like cosmic confetti?

Rolling Stone’s Love Letter to Dua

The global Rolling Stone cover unveiled Dua’s upcoming album as “pop bliss.” But it’s more than that. It’s a cosmic cocktail of glitter, neon, and unapologetic beats. Imagine Dua Lipa as a shooting star, leaving a trail of Instagram-caption-ready one-liners in her wake. The album promises to be a dance floor manifesto, a neon-lit roadmap to euphoria.

“Houdini” and the Silver Lining

“Houdini,” another gem from the album, has already amassed 300 million streams worldwide. It’s like Dua waved her magic wand, turning streams into stardust. The UK Airplay charts surrendered to its gravitational pull, crowning it Dua’s 11th No. 1 UK airplay record. And let’s not forget the music video—the No. 1 spectacle on YouTube, a cosmic carnival where pixels pirouette and algorithms waltz.

Spotify’s Billion-Stream Sorceress

Dua Lipa isn’t just a pop star; she’s a cosmic force. Spotify bows before her—“One Kiss,” “Don’t Start Now,” and “New Rules”—each with over two billion streams. Imagine those streams as constellations, forming a celestial tapestry. Dua, the intergalactic DJ, spinning hits across the Milky Way.

So, dear readers, fasten your seatbelts. Dua Lipa’s “Training Season” isn’t just a song; it’s a cosmic odyssey. It’s stardust in your earbuds, neon in your veins, and a voicemail from the universe: “Keep dancing, darling. The cosmos is watching.”


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