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Dropkick Murphys ended 2023 with an announcement fans have been digesting for months now alongside impatience; the St Patrick's Day Tour 2024. With only a few weeks left before the official experience begins in San Jose, California on February 13, you will not want to miss your chance to snag tickets to this tour series. Accompanied by fellow punk veterans Pennywise and The Scratch, tickets to the St Patrick's Day Tour 2024 hit the market back in November of 2023, but, there is still a chance to grab tickets HERE to select cities before the 27-date run begins. Tie up your converses, vans or doc martens because Dropkick Murphy is returning to stages across North America to revive Celtic punk rock.

Dropkick Murphys formed in 1996 out of Quincy, Massachusetts and to date have become one of the most reputable groups in the punk, hardcore industries despite only one originating member, Ken Casey, remaining in the lineup. The band was named after local Massachusetts boxer, wrestler, and boxing coach, Dr. John "Dropkick" Murphy, who opened a primitive alcohol-detoxification facility near their hometown. The band noted "His place became the stuff of legends and parents would threaten their children with 'don't let us catch you boozing, or we'll send you to Dropkick Murphys!'"

The band initially signed to the independent punk record label Hellcat Records, releasing five albums for the label, and building a reputation locally through constant touring and annual St. Patrick's Day week shows, held in and around Boston which will continue to remain a tradition for the band on their upcoming tour that ends with multiple dates in Boston right on the heels of the Irish holiday. The band didn't truly witness mainstream, worldwide success until their final Hellcat release, The Warrior's Code, including the song "I'm Shipping Up To Boston," a featured track in the 2006 film The Departed and the band's only platinum-selling single. Presently, it remains one of their best-known songs from their discography and was even revisited on their most recent record. The band released their twelfth studio album, Okemah Rising, last year via Dummy Luck Records, featuring songs composed of unused lyrics and words from Wood Guthrie, one of the most significant figures in folk music. The album was further produced by Guthrie's daughter Nora Gutherie and showcases appearances from Violent Femmes, Jaime Wyatt, Jesse Ahern, and, Woody's grandson, Cole Quest.

Dropkick Murphys are setting aside their acoustic guitars after two entirely unplugged releases to electrify North America again for their 2024 St. Patrick's Day Tour. Dropkick Murphys are renowned for their energetic and spirited live performances, captivating audiences around the world with a dynamic blend of Celtic punk, rock, and folk music. The band is known for their passion and enthusiasm on stages which is presented to listeners in the from of unwavering high-energy from the opening track to the encore. The band fosters a strong connection with their fans, often encouraging sing-alongs, chants, and even participation in traditional Irish dances like jigs or reels, which will most definitely be encouraged on this specific tour series. The band effortlessly creates a sense of camaraderie and community while keeping the atmosphere lighthearted and joyous.

The band seamlessly blend raucous punk anthems with heartfelt ballads and traditional Irish tunes, catering to a diverse range of music tastes and offering something sonically for everyone to enjoy. All in all, Dropkick Murphys' live performances will take listeners on a sonic journey, often incorporating elements of traditional Irish instruments like the mandolin, accordion, tin whistle, and bagpipes which adds an unique flavor to their sound. Fans await the announcement of Dropkick Murphys' St Patrick's Day shows every year and there's a clear reason as to why. These specific shows often feel like a celebration where the band's Irish heritage is prominently on display in an environment that is lively, festive, and filled with a sense of joy. As always, Dropkick Murphys close their shows with an epic encore you will not want to miss, especially during their St. Patrick's Shows, leaving their biggest hits and special surprises for the final moments of the night.

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