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Driver Era Kicks off Summer '24 Concerts With a Bang

Driver Era

The Driver Era's recent concert at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, was nothing short of electric. Fans of the band filled the venue with an air of anticipation, ready for a night of high-energy rock and pop. As the lights dimmed, the crowd's cheers filled the theater, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

The concert opened with Vale, who delivered an outstanding performance that set the stage perfectly for what was to follow. When the lights dimmed, Ross, Rocky, and Riker graced the stage, beginning their set with “Back to You,” one of my personal favorite songs of theirs. The Driver Era's setlist was a mix of fan favorites, classic R5 tracks, and iconic songs from the Teen Beach Movie, including "Fallin' for Ya" and "On My Own." Ross Lynch's charismatic stage presence captivated the audience from the first note, his vocal excellence on full display across a range of high-energy anthems like "A Kiss" and "Preacher Man," as well as the more mellow tunes like "Heaven Angel" and "Fantasy."  Rocky and Riker Lynch's guitar and bass work was equally impressive, showcasing intricate melodies and powerful solos that kept the crowd on their feet. The band even surprised fans with some old-school R5 songs like “All Night.”

The Driver Era

The energy in the theater never dwindled, thanks to the band's ability to constantly engage and interact with their fans. Multiple times throughout the show, the band made an effort to bring the crowd deeper into the show, whether that was through performing to either side of the crowd or Riker running down the side of the pit to interact with the fans.

The undeniable chemistry between the brothers stood out the most. Having seen The Driver Era multiple times, their playful interactions and synchronized movements never fail to impress. It is so obvious when watching them, that the brothers have played music together for years and that they enjoy performing together as much as the fans enjoy watching them.

The Wellmont Theater itself provided a fantastic setting for the concert. Its intimate size allowed for a more personal connection with the band. The lighting and visuals were immaculate and perfectly complemented the music, enhancing the overall ambiance without overshadowing the performance.

The Driver Era

As the concert came to a close, The Driver Era left the audience exhausted from all the dancing but still eager for more. Their encore performance was a perfect ending to a fantastic night, closing with their hits “Heart of Mind” and “A Kiss”. The concert was a testament to the band's talent and the strong bond they have with their fans. If you get the chance to see The Driver Era live, don't miss it—you won't regret it. And if you've already seen them, go again—their shows are always fresh and exciting.



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