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Drayton Farley and Brit Taylor Takeover Lakewood, OH For A Night Of Country Music

Opening the night, Brit Taylor and husband Adam, took to the stage for a country music fueled night. Taylor kicked the night of with "Cut You Loose" which would set the tone for the rest of the night.

Throughout her set, Brit chatted with fans, sharing stories of what inspired songs, what got her started in music, and how her song "Wakin' Up Ain't Easy" was featured on an episode of Tulsa King. Adam would also go on to perform "Trailer Trash", which energized the crowd and had them singing along right with him. Taylor performed an 11-song set list before introducing Drayton Farley to the stage.


Drayton Farley took the stage around 9pm with an immediate roar of a welcome from the crowd. Having only come to Ohio twice before, his fans greeted him with the warmest welcome. Starting the night off with "Norfolk Blues", "Something Wrong (Inside My Head)", and "Above My Head", Farley and the band flowed seamlessly through the night.

Farley and the band played a 15 song setlist including fan favorites like "American Dream", "Devil's In Nola", "Dreamer" and a cover of John Prines "Angel From Montgomery". While chatting with fans in-between songs, Drayton also shared that back in September he made his Grand Ole Opry debut. You can watch his debut video here. He shared with the crowd some of the inspiration behind ‘Dreamer’, and admits the musical path he's chosen to pursue is somewhat ‘unconventional’ for someone who grew up in a small-town like his.

Ending the night with a roaring performance of "Pitchin' Fits", Farley took the time to thank the band individually and thank the fans for making it a night in Ohio he'll enjoy for a long time - reassuring fans, he'll be sure to make more stops in Ohio in the future.



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