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DRAGONFORCE’s Tribute to Brawl Stars: ‘A Draco Tale’ Unleashed!


Photo by: Travis Shinn

In a symphony of pixels and power chords, DRAGONFORCE, the titans of power metal, have forged an alliance with the colossal mobile gaming sensation Brawl Stars—boasting a staggering 1 billion downloads—to herald the arrival of a new hero with the electrifying anthem, “A Draco Tale,” complete with a music video that’s pure fire!

Strumming into the heart of the Brawl Stars cosmos, Draco debuts as the game’s inaugural guitar-slinging Legendary Brawler. A character who embodies the spirit of heavy metal, the thrill of extreme sports, and the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons, DRAGONFORCE’s exclusive new track is the quintessential anthem to usher in this dragon-mounted warrior in a blaze of glory.

Herman Li, the virtuoso co-founder of DRAGONFORCE, known for his blistering guitar solos that echo the melodies of classic video games, and a gaming aficionado with a formidable Twitch presence, found harmony with Supercell—the masterminds behind Brawl Stars. The band’s invitation to celebrate the new character was a fanfare from the game’s creators, ardent admirers of DRAGONFORCE’s sonic legacy. The track is a fusion of DRAGONFORCE’s signature adrenaline-pumping melodies with the anarchic world of Brawl Stars, set to premiere on the game’s YouTube channel, a digital arena with an audience of 16.5 million subscribers. The music video is a visual odyssey featuring the band’s quintet and dynamic animations of Draco—don’t miss the spectacle!

Herman Li proclaims:

“Brawl Stars is a hectic, fast-paced game that I love playing in my spare time so when the developers asked us to record a new song about a heavy metal-loving character, we jumped at the chance. I think Brawl Stars fans are going to love this new Legendary Brawler.”

Echoing this sentiment, Drew Haycock, Supercell’s community manager, shares:

“I’ve personally been a fan of DRAGONFORCE for almost 20 years now and was stoked when they said they’d record a new song for Draco. Working with the band was an awesome experience and it was incredible seeing them do their thing at the video shoot! They were hyped about the project from the start and are the perfect band to bring Draco’s quirky charm into the musical world.”

Since their inception in 1999, DRAGONFORCE has enchanted the globe with their blockbuster albums and anthems like the platinum-certified “Through the Fire and Flames”—a rite of passage for any aspiring Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock virtuoso. Celebrated for their grandiose compositions that push the frontiers of heavy metal, DRAGONFORCE’s forthcoming album promises an exploration of diverse musical realms, charting an exhilarating odyssey through sound.

The lineup of DRAGONFORCE, the architects of auditory awe:

  • Herman Li – Guitar, Backing Vocals

  • Sam Totman – Guitar, Backing Vocals

  • Marc Hudson – Vocals

  • Alicia Vigil – Bass, Backing Vocals

  • Gee Anzalone – Drums, Backing Vocals

Prepare to be captivated by the siren call of their latest creation, where the digital and the musical collide in a crescendo of epic proportions.


'Warp Speed Warriors' Track List:

1. Astro Warrior Anthem

2. Power of the Triforce

3. Kingdom of Steel

4. Burning Heart

5.Space Marine Corp

6. Doomsday Party

7. Prelude to Darkness

8. The Killer Queen

9. Pixel Prison



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17.08.2024 DE - Sulingen / Reload Festival 2024

18.08.2024 SE - Vallamand / Rock The Lakes 2024

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