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Don Broco Shares Video For New Track "Birthday Party"

Updated: Mar 18

Don Broco, the British rock band known for their infectious melodies and high-energy performances, has always been at the forefront of creative expression in the music industry. Their music videos are a testament to their artistic innovation and the "Birthday Party" music video is no exception. Released September 15th, this visual masterpiece not only complements the song's catchy rhythms but also adds a unique layer of storytelling and artistic depth.

Frontman Rob Damiani explains, "Birthdays can be the absolute worst. You get all hyped up for what you think is a guaranteed top day, but when that doesn't work out you can't help but feel EXTRA bad. I don't really like birthdays because of this, but one year tried throwing a last min shindig and in classic form, it was not well attended, haha. I can't say I took it well but my only option was having a party for one and this song is the story of that night."

Don Broco astonished audiences after headlining massive venues, including Alexandra Palace in March. During their upcoming Fall tour they will be playing in some of the smallest venues they've played in years.

Damiani says, "We're buzzing to be heading out on The Birthday Party Tour in November and December, hitting up some of our favorite spots in the UK that we haven't been to in a little while and some future faves we've never been to before! BROCO at KOKO the first time around was a huge night for us and can't wait to be back for round 2!"

Don Broco is composed of lead vocalist Rob Damiani, guitarist Simon Delaney, bassist Tom Doyle, and percussionist Matt Donnelly. The band was formed in Bedford, England in 2008 and has since had one record reach #1 in the UK album charts. Their most popular song is called "Everybody" with over 24 million listens on Spotify.


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