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DC Musician With Rare Sarcoma Releases Viral Track for Young Son While on Hospice Care

Updated: Apr 26

Cat Janice, a DC- based musician dying of a lung sarcoma, released "Dance You Outta My Head" , an upbeat, grooving pop track, on January 19. It’s a hard song not to move to, with its driving bassline and retro-dance production. Janice’s vocals bounce along with the music as she sings about dancing to forget. Her video announcing the song’s release now has over four million views, and "Dance You Outta My Head" has been used in thousands of videos across social media, currently charting at #6 on iTunes in the United States. 

Janice has been posting on social media about her battle against cancer since her diagnosis in November 2021, and she is currently on hospice care. Desiring to leave something behind for her seven year old son, she has stated that all royalties from "Dance You Outta My Head", along with the rest of her discography, will go towards him, and asked her followers to stream the track. Her story has resonated with countless individuals online, garnering support from both longtime fans and newcomers. Against all odds, she has lived through both the song’s release and her 31st birthday on January 21. In a statement posted to TikTok, she said “I hope you guys are enjoying it — having a ton of fun and dancing. I’m in my hospice bed, and that’s okay, because you guys are making me so happy.” Janice is currently still receiving end-of-life care at her home with her family and friends.


Stream Dance You Outta My Head | SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC



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